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Congratulations, New York

07/25/2011  |  1 Comment

It's a pleasure to live here while New York made gay marriage legal.I don't think gay marriage is the... more

Cynthia & Chris: butch/femme couple engaged!

05/22/2009  |  10 Comments

I'm a week late on this news (but what can I say, this isn't a news blog): Cynthia Nixon announced... more

Let’s Get Gay Married!

05/06/2009  |  6 Comments

I've been wanting to write a post about the changes in gay marriage legistlation that have been happening in the... more

Courage Campaign’s “Don’t Divorce!”

02/07/2009  |  3 Comments

Have you heard that Ken Starr -- and the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund -- filed legal briefs defending the constitutionality of Prop 8 and attempting to forcibly divorce 18,000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year? more

this is what your heart tells you to do

11/14/2008  |  12 Comments

This has been played & overplayed on the blogs I read this week, but if you haven't seen it yet,... more

post-election: on love

11/05/2008  |  35 Comments

How can I write about anything except politics right now? Obama, Obama, Obama. Fivethirtyeight had the projections almost completely accurate.... more

8against8: Law, Life, and Love

10/27/2008  |  2 Comments

Guest post from Allison Blixt, a friend-of-a-friend whose personal writeup about gay marriage activism touched me. She said I could... more

8against8: Ruby and Ami

10/27/2008  |  1 Comment

Ruby & Ami, Seattle, August 2006. Because along as gay marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have gay marriages.Some... more

8against8: Stephanie and Denise

10/27/2008  |  1 Comment

Photos from Stephanie & Denise's wedding, Oct 11th 2008 in Yosemite.They sent me that first one, the other two... more

8against8: Dorothy and Angela

10/27/2008  |  4 Comments

All photography of Dorothy & Angela's wedding by Molly Bennett.