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07/19/2007  |  No Comments

I am delicate. This tough guise comes along with the collared shirts - briefs - jackets in mud puddles - but it is... more

four chambered heart

07/19/2007  |  2 Comments

I have said you give me wingsI have said though I have been collecting feathers, downy and sweet, flight and contour and semiplume feathers, bristle and... more

what happens when a friendship ends

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You tell me, look in the mirror all you’ll see is betrayal but the words aren’t yours to give. The reflection shows no... more

How to Survive Your First Year in New York City

06/07/2007  |  5 Comments

(work in progress) I SummerImmediately in the city everything is just as hard as you’ve always heard it is: the disgusting humid summers.... more

the ending you don’t want to hear

05/24/2007  |  4 Comments

At first there was too much feeling so she cut out her heart and fed it to a crying lion cub. She... more