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eye candy: the gay prom

September 2, 2008  |  miscellany  |  19 Comments

I’m getting a PhD in political science,
and the time I don’t spend actively fucking with gender
I’m usually in a coffeeshop. – lc

LC also included a couple more shots from a recent gay prom celebration, including a hot shot against a brick wall and dancing with a hot redhead femme.

eye candy: that stare

August 26, 2008  |  miscellany  |  13 Comments

This is my sexy eye candy.
She is great at spoiling and loves to make me feel special. 
Who wouldn’t love to get lost in that stare of hers. – Shelly

(I noticed Shelly has more photos from Kristy’s shoot over at flickr, including the famous butch lean and some sexy shots of sunglasses. Tag your photos with “sugarbutch” on flickr to show off your eye candy!)