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Review: Comparing Two Ejaculating Cocks

Review: Comparing Two Ejaculating Cocks

10/11/2011  |  9 Comments

I have a confession to make:I like dirty sex. I mean, you probably already knew that. And by dirty... more

Happy 4th Anniversary, Sugarbutch!

04/29/2010  |  18 Comments

Today, April 29th 2010, marks the fourth anniversary of beginning Sugarbutch! I've been going at this site nearly daily for... more

Review: The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women (Book)

04/27/2010  |  2 Comments

One of the first things I procured when Kristen and I decided to undergo an anal sex educational adventure was... more

Introducing: Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend

02/05/2010  |  1 Comment

I'm starting a second column, writing weekly for Eden Fantasys web magazine Sex Is called Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend, focused... more

Review: Black Cat G (Harness)

Review: Black Cat G (Harness)

12/08/2009  |  3 Comments

Are you getting sick of harness reviews yet? I hope not, because I still haven't found The Perfect Harness (which... more

Review: Buck

Review: Buck

11/14/2009  |  5 Comments

Oh, Vixskin. (Sigh & swoon.)I often get questions about which cocks I recommend, and I always say Vixen Creation's line... more

Review: Nipple Clamps 101

10/14/2009  |  2 Comments

A while back Kristen decided she'd like to try some different nipple clamps. I had one set, a very basic... more

Pumping: How to Grow a Dick

03/11/2009  |  8 Comments

Pumping is most well-known, probably, for endless spam emails: Make her feel your Wang! Make Your Meat-Stick Massive! Give Her Real Lovefest! Turns out, the more you engorge your cis-cock with blood, the bigger it becomes. Similar to working a muscle, I suppose - this is the way you work that particular muscle.And about two years ago now I heard from a friend that clit pumping was all the rage at a particular trans conference they had attended. Reeeeeally, I asked. How does that work?more

Review: Goodfella

09/05/2008  |  No Comments

Yep, it's the Goodfella from Vixen Creation's Vixskin line. I have yet to come across any cock that is superior... more

you don’t have to take MY word for it

09/03/2008  |  No Comments

Check out the first flash fiction contest over at - 500 word story with a For Your Nymphomation sex... more