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On the road again ... Portland + Princeton

On the road again … Portland + Princeton

02/04/2014  |  1 Comment

I'm dotting my i's and crossing my t's and fucking the boy one last time and packing a bag (as... more

I’m about to go back on tour. 2013-2014 workshops! Bring me to your school!

09/13/2013  |  4 Comments

It's that time of year again ... I am about to get back on the road and do workshops at... more

Hey You! Want To Bring Me To Your Town?

09/13/2011  |  10 Comments

Dear friends & fans & folks who just happened across this website and have no idea who I am:As I... more

Boston & Syracuse This Week!

02/21/2011  |  1 Comment

I'm off tomorrow to Boston for two workshops—Cock Confidence and Afternoon Delight—until Wednesday, then Friday I'm heading upstate to Syracuse,... more

What’s Happening in November

11/10/2010  |  7 Comments

I have a whole bunch of events coming up in November! So many, in fact, that I haven't even had... more

Back To School: College Workshops This Fall

09/07/2010  |  No Comments

So it's that time of year again ...I'm going to be doing some traveling around to different colleges in... more