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The Four Topping Stages

The Four Topping Stages

10/30/2014  |  1 Comment

hen I started topping, I was self-conscious, nervous, easily crushed, and full of bravado and swagger. (I'd like to think... more

To All the Tops Who Are Afraid to Make a Move

To All the Tops Who Are Afraid to Make a Move

02/25/2014  |  13 Comments

One of my biggest challenges as a top—and as a feminist dominant, and as someone who is well versed in... more

Open Relationship Mini Interview with Molly: Boundaries & A Reassurance List

12/13/2012  |  No Comments

Molly Malone, & naughty_molly1. What insight about open relationships do you wish you had when you started? In the... more

On Running Away and Boundaries

03/16/2011  |  No Comments

Just one more thing, then I've got to get focused on some other work today.Hugo Schwyzer has a post up... more

Protected: Kristen’s Homework

12/14/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

For a while now, I've been giving Kristen homework assignments. Usually they are weekly, just so they are fairly short... more