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Review: Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide by Erika Lust (Seal Press)

07/06/2010  |  No Comments

Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide by Erika Lust, translated by X.P. Callahan. Seal Press, June 2010It’s difficult for me to... more

Review: The Crash Pad Series: Volume 5 (DVD)

12/02/2009  |  No Comments

Another quick little DVD review, this one of The Crash Pad Series: Volume 5 which is just now released by... more

Ad: Bride of Sin, Madison Young

10/03/2009  |  No Comments

Featured this month at Sugarbutch's Video On Demand: Madison Young's Bride of Sin2009 Feminist Porn Award Nominee.Madison Young is looking... more

Blowfish Giveaway: Two DVDs

08/27/2009  |  76 Comments

Blowfish is simply "good products for great sex," and they are the producers of some of the best queer porn... more

Review: Crash Pad 4 (DVD)

05/26/2009  |  4 Comments

"This is another unmissable installment of the finest feminist lesbian porn series around."First, I have to confess, I have completely... more

Review: Pink & White’s Champion

01/21/2009  |  5 Comments

Queer porn director Shine Louise Houston's new indy flick CHAMPION was released on DVD by Blowfish this week, and last night I sat down and turned it on. Watch this film. Buy it, and watch it, and tell your friends about it. more