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Protected: Direction, Part Two

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“Death by Sex” Heels

April 13, 2010  |  miscellany  |  2 Comments

Mo sent in this photo (and another outtake from the same shot) for my birthday shoes project, saying: “These are my favorite 6 inch Aldo heels- they make me smile every time I wear them. I feel like a Goddess- I call them my Death By Sex heels.” Thank you Mo!

Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like Bondage

April 7, 2010  |  miscellany  |  No Comments

“Stilettos, bondage tape, and a willing victim always make a fun birthday …”
Thank you!

Easter Finest

April 5, 2010  |  miscellany  |  No Comments

Green-eyed Grrrl says: “I was at my parent’s house, washing dishes after Easter dinner and I thought, “4 inch heels (they may be higher, I’d need to borrow your arm to be sure ;), my Easter finest and an apron, that’s kinda sexy.”

Hell yeah!

Shoes & Thong

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  3 Comments

From Sex in Power, via her website

The Seal Says Happy Birthday

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  6 Comments

We al

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l know who this is, right? Jesse James‘s dawg The Seal (who is on Twitter, @justliketheseal) who probably had some help in borrowing Violet’s shoes. Jesse said, “You don’t have to post this one!” but hel-LO, like I wouldn’t. It is awesome.

The Seal says: “You is a good dyke. Please bring more rubber chickens in your suitcase next time you come visit.”

On the Lawn

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  1 Comment

Red ribbon heels from violetwhite, who has another shot over at her own site (and who submitted something last year too). Gorgeous!


April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  No Comments

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Thanks Frances!

Italian Boots

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  1 Comment

Boots from an Italian femme who is visiting New York City soon. Got any recommendations for where she absolutely must visit and what she absolutely must see while she’s here?

The First of the Birthday Heels

April 4, 2010  |  miscellany  |  2 Comments

Strappy birthday heels and fishnets by Femme is my Gender