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Happy Birthday, rife!

Happy Birthday, rife!

04/24/2014  |  10 Comments

It's rife's 27th birthday today!So far, we have stayed in bed late, toured the chalk art birthday greetings that... more

Protected: Rife’s Bow Tie Birthday Party

05/02/2013  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Rife turned 26 last week (happy birthday, Rife!) and he had some friends over to the sweet sublet in Oakland... more

Happy 29th Birthday, Kristen

05/22/2012  |  6 Comments

Kristen turned 29 years old yesterday.We both attended a Body Electric workshop over the weekend—I'm completely wiped and Kristen is... more

On Cheryl’s Birthday, Femme Earrings, and Social Media

09/19/2011  |  2 Comments

I've returned from Dark Odyssey's Summer Camp, which was phenomenal and I have so much to say about it, like... more

Happy 28th Birthday, Kristen!

05/20/2011  |  2 Comments

It's Kristen's 28th birthday tomorrow!I am as ever grateful for her in my life. I've never been so in... more

One More Birthday Shoe Photo

04/11/2011  |  1 Comment

from Shelby at

Fashionably Late (Birthday Shoes)

04/08/2011  |  2 Comments

from Mistress Justine Cross (@justineplays)

Quick & Dirty (Birthday Shoes)

04/08/2011  |  1 Comment

"Done quick and dirty, but that's how I like it." —Nico

Birthday Shoes

04/08/2011  |  No Comments

From Jackie

The First Birthday Shoes

04/04/2011  |  No Comments

... are kinky and hot. Thanks violet white.