Free Queer Porn Party (on Twitter) Tonight, and You’re Invited

Y’all didn’t forget about the #pornparty tonight, did you?

What is a #pornparty, you ask? Well, it’s a worldwide gathering on Twitter of folks who like queer porn. Simply tune in at 6pm PST / 9pm EST, press play at precisely that time, and then follow the hashtag #pornparty while you watch for commentary and discussion. If you want to join in, make sure you have your own Twitter account, too, and tag your posts with the hashtag so we’ll all see them.

Tonight, we’ll be watching Artcore through Hot Movies For Her, and viewing this film is completely free. You don’t have to buy it or download it or purchase VOD minutes to watch it with us. You will need a account (which requires a credit card for verification purposes), and simply use the code ArtcorePornParty (which IS case sensitive) when you sign up and you’ll receive 80 minutes free to watch with us tonight! Those 80 minutes will expire tomorrow, so watch ’em quick!

Watch the trailer and read the description of the film if you want even more inspiration to join in.

So all you have to do is:
1. Make a account and use the code “ArtcorePornParty” for 80 free minutes
2. Tune in tonight! March 23rd at 6pm PST, 9pm EST
3. Enjoy the film with us
4. Follow & contribute to the Twitter discussion with the hashtag #pornparty

You can also follow me (@mrsexsmith) as well as some of the porn stars in the film, like @fatty_d, @courtneytrouble, @drewdeveaux, @kellyshibari, and of course our fabulous #pornparty host, @hotmovies4her on Twitter.

So, are you game? Who’s in?

The Next Porn Party: Artcore (for Free!) on March 23rd

The next Porn Party on Twitter will be March 23rd, 6pm PST / 9pm EST, and we’ll be watching Artcore through Hot Movies For Her.

This time, though, the Porn Party is extra special: Viewing Artcore during the Porn Party will be totally free. You don’t have to buy it or download it or purchase VOD minutes to watch it with us. You will need a account, but we’ll have a special code that will enable you to watch this film during the party. More on that will be announced as soon as I have the details!

So all you have to do is:
1. Make a account
2. Tune in on March 23rd at 6pm PST, 9pm EST with the code
3. Enjoy the film!
4. Bonus if you follow & contribute to the Twitter discussion with the hashtag #pornparty

I’m excited about this film, there are quite a few people in it that I’ve never seen in porn before, and a few I do recognize, like Courtney Trouble. She posted some notes on the filming including what it was like to be there and what they did. Check out some photos from the film on, where I also read that there’s an official release party 3/26/11 in LA.

And, to top it all off, Artcore is one of the 2011 Feminist Porn Award nominees! I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch all of them, but I’m going to try. Right now I count 18 that I’ve either seen or want to see, so perhaps I’ll concentrate on that list. There are quite a few I still need to review, too. I’ll get on that one of these days.

Meanwhile, hope you’ll join me for the next porn party. Here’s the official trailer and description to whet your palette further:

ARTCORE from cbattsfly on Vimeo.


Director: Carlos Batts
Starring: April Flores, Kelly Shibari, Courtney Trouble, Drew Deveaux & Damali Dares
Approximate Running Time: 01:18

Get ready for the revolution of hardcore. Get ready for Artcore.

The latest erotic adventure from the mind of Carlos Batts, “Artcore” features his beautiful muse, April Flores, and documents a diverse range of sexual interests, from body image and gender identity to fetishes, rubber and role playing.

Playing with the ever evolving interest in sexuality in the media – movie stars playing adult stars, celebrity sex tapes, runway fetish shows and reality television – “Artcore” becomes a sinful digital mix tape blending music, mood and tempo to create a new approach to recording sex.

It’s April as you’ve never seen her before, showing off a mind-blowing display of versatility to match the explosive curves and deadly sex appeal we already know and love.

First she gets kinky with “The Hoodman”, indulging her dominant side with fabulous fetish wear and a high heel-clad foot job. An all-girl threesome with Courtney Trouble, Kelly Shibari, two Hitachis and an N-JOY dildo results in a multi-orgasmic, voluptuous extravaganza. They laugh, they cum and they make you want to cum with them.

Want more? In a bowler hat and drawn-on mustache, April is joined by queer porn heartthrob Drew Deveaux for a steamy gender bending romp. And then the nightcap. Hooking up for an after-hours interracial rendezvous, Damali and April have a lesbian BBW fling for the ages.

Featuring hot and heavy lesbians, dominance and submission and toys (but no boys), “Artcore” is Batts’ most erotic film to date, an aesthetically rewarding and unapologetically explicit homage to his Latin siren and the perfect playground for her fantasies – and yours.

Photo by Courtney Trouble

Follow @mrsexsmith, @fatty_d, @courtneytrouble, @drewdeveaux, @kellyshibari, and @hotmovies4her on Twitter. Thanks to JD over at Hot Movies For Her for helping to make this happen!