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the hotel room (part three)

12/28/2007  |  2 Comments

Our story continues with our hero and heroine already in the midst of fucking in a hotel room near the... more

going down

12/20/2007  |  1 Comment

The poll will officially close at midnight PST tomorrow, friday.I know I haven't done a very good job selling my... more

the stakes have been raised

12/17/2007  |  4 Comments

If she wins (i.e., gets to top me) by more than thirty votes, I have agreed that she gets to... more

things I’ve never done, but would like to try

08/26/2007  |  7 Comments

Fuck a girl's ass with a strapon (is it still called pegging if it's two women, or is pegging unique... more

bully (working title)

07/23/2007  |  7 Comments

You are face down, ponytail bobbing, wrists and ankles tied to my bedposts, the simple steel I won from my... more