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keeping my desire in check

10/10/2006  |  5 Comments

She and I spoke last night. Not Callie, not the ex girlfriend, but the girl I've known for eight years... more

southern hospitality – part one

10/09/2006  |  6 Comments

The first time, she said no one ever made her come from inside before. Over the next fourty hours, I... more

in no particular order

10/06/2006  |  5 Comments

things I would like to do with you dress up. take you to your favorite restaurant and order for you. share... more

for Ally, because she kept me up late last night

09/22/2006  |  2 Comments

tongue to the back of your knee ankle to the top of my shoulder waiting for that moment of permission to slide inside slide insidepalm to the camber... more