Sinclair Sexsmith

You’re struggling.

Is it something in your sex life? Something with your relationship? Something with your gender identity?

Sessions with Sinclair will support you during whatever transition or rough patch or expansion that you are going through.

Work one-on-one with Sinclair and figure out those identity puzzles, sexuality experiments, or gender empowerment questions that have been on your mind.

Sinclair sees individual clients and couples for sex, gender, and relationship sessions via Skype and, on rare occasions, in person. They are a skilled sacred intimate, with fifteen years experience in bodywork, sacred sexuality, and the kink communities. They are also a trained in holistic peer counseling and an experienced gender consultant, and have worked both hands-on and virtually with many folks just like you.

What are you struggling with?
  • Do you want to have more pleasure in your sex life?
  • Do you miss the kinky play you used to have with your partner?
  • Want to become a better dominant?
  • Want to explore submission, but don’t have anybody to play with?
  • Are you having trouble reconciling your feminism and kink?
  • Are you ready to step into your power in a bigger, bolder way, but not sure how?

Sinclair can help you puzzle through that.

D/s Troubleshooting

Long distance, protocol, foundations, contracts, and more

Dominant Confidence

Make more rules, stick to them, and get what you want

Submissive Playground

The 1-1 version of Sinclair’s popular online ecourse

Sexy Skills

Strap-ons, flogging, dirty talk, leaving marks—what do you want to know?

Cock Matchmaking

Need the perfect strap-on cock or harness? Sinclair knows ‘em all.

Custom one-on-one time for your unique needs

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I bet you have some questions.

What does a session look like?
What is 'sacred intimacy'?
What is 'gender consulting'?
Do you have a sliding scale?
How do I book a session RIGHT NOW?


As a working artist myself, I understand that cost is often prohibitive. I want to make my sessions as accessible as possible while still valuing my time, and not going below my “resentment rate.” I believe in a pricing being a “fair energy exchange,” or FEE, and money is just one form of energy.

Rates as of Fall 2014:
Sessions are $100/hour, one hour minimum.

Prices will raise in January 2015.

What’s it like to work with Sinclair? What do they say and how do they approach issues of sexuality and gender and relationships? Watch these videos, and check it out.

What if you shut down or feel detached during intercourse? How do you get back into it?

How do I share my porn preferences with my long time girlfriend?

These may not be your questions, but they are somebody’s.

What are yours?

Still not sure? Contact me at and let’s talk.
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