Win a spot in the Submissive Playground ecourse

Do you want to attend Submissive Playground? It’s running in July & August (summer school!) and I decided that this time, I would give away one Broke Ass Player spot in the course.

I usually describe it like this:

Submissive Playground is an online course with five live calls, eight weeks of creative, sexy explorations, and four learning modules—Bondage, Discipline, Service, and Masochism—all with the goal to take your submission deeper. And, you’ll get to explore it in community, making friends with other s-types through the course, and learning from each other. The entire course is online, and done within your own levels of comfort. Registration is open until June 30th

What do you get with the Broke Ass Player spot?

  • Access to all the course materials, including porn to watch, erotica to read, and essays about submissive theory
  • Guest videos from amazing BDSM experts, including Lee Harrington, Madison Young, Raven Kaldera, Tina Horn, kd diamond, International Master & slave 2011 Liza & Jody, and more
  • Access to the course message board to discuss your experiences with other submissives
  • Submissive journal homework prompts for each unit
  • A downloadable star chart to track your progress in the course
  • Access to the online All-Player video calls every other week, where we’ll chat about our experiences and I’ll answer your questions
  • A digital certificate of completion that you can print out (and add to your submissive resume or submissive experience folder)

Want to win a spot in the ecourse?

This is box title
Just leave a comment below (with a valid email address, that won’t be published) and tell me one thing you’d love to get from the course, or one thing you love about submission, or something else entirely.

The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, June 18th, in the evening my time (PST).

Got questions about the course?

Curious but not sure? Other people had some of your same questions, I bet— rife & I did an interactive Q&A about it with about a dozen folks who stopped by to ask questions. Here’s the video, check it out:

I was also on two podcasts over the weekend, talking about Submissive Playground:

kc-meatball-sinclair_med masocast_1500-300x300

Unspeakable Axe, one of my buddies and favorite podcast hosts, mentioned the Submissive Playground on the Masocast this past weekend. He is off getting married to his dominant Sade this week, and I can’t wait to hear all the dirty stories when he gets back.

And Woody at the new KinkyCast podcast invited me on to talk about Submissive Playground, too. It’s the same episode where LunaKM from Submissive Guide talks about pain processing, episode #19.

Thanks Axe + Woody!

Hope that helps clear up any questions you might have about the Submissive Playground. Still have questions? You can always email me, [email protected], and ask.

Let’s do this! Leave a comment now and win a spot in the course.

Published by Sinclair Sexsmith

Sinclair Sexsmith is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queer women" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and use the pronouns they, them, theirs, themself. Follow all their personal writings and all the updates through

64 thoughts on “Win a spot in the Submissive Playground ecourse”

  1. Ryan says:

    Hmm…dreadfully curious about this class. I was the first time around as well. Let’s see…it’s worth a shot to try and win. If not, I see the Star package in the future ;-)

  2. Jayce says:

    Being in a kinky relationship for the past (nearly) two years has been really important, valuable, and healing for me. My partner and (often) dominant is a beautiful, brilliant part of my life and I want to learn how to be a better submissive for and with them. I also really want to know how to better serve, and through that strengthen my confidence in myself as well as the power dynamic I’m invested in. I really like what you have to say, and that everything is queer and trans friendly so I really couldn’t think of a better place to learn and grow in my submission than here. Thank you!

  3. smalltowndyke says:

    I would love to win this! I have been looking for ways to expand my skills.

  4. Krystal S says:

    This would be an amazing experience! I get tingles just thinking about it!

  5. Shawny says:

    I would love to hone in on my skills as a submissive within a queer context! I want to connect my queer identity with my kinky identity!

  6. Bronwyn says:

    I’m a submissive, but in fantasy only and I’m looking for a way to expand my experience.

  7. Tuesday/Lola says:

    I am a serious broke ass with a big interest in this class.

  8. Gem says:

    Im new to the wonderful world of kink. I enjoy learning and researching all the information I can, in hopes of becominh a better sub. I like being a sub simply because thats who/what I am. I was BDSM and a submissive long before I new there was even a lifestyle or name for what I was doing. Im always open to learning and trying new things. I believe this e-course would be very beneficial to me.

  9. Aura says:

    I’ve been dying to take this course and was so thrilled to see you’re offering it again, but money’s tight right at this moment and I feel like I can’t spend money needed for the 9 year old’s braces or the 5 year old’s raincoat on furthering my erotic journey. So it’d be super cool to get to take it for free.

  10. Jack says:

    The biggest thing I’d like to learn is how to express that I’m nearing my pain threshold without being bratty.

  11. Zee says:

    LOVE this website! I’d love a spot in the Subplay Course, if only to find a more local (not just virtual) sub network.

  12. Tommy says:

    The course sounds like something I could definitely use. After being a top most of my adult life, I recently found someone I submit to.

  13. el says:

    Essays on submissive theory sound really exciting to me!

  14. I.M. says:

    I’m a long-time bottom who’s had mostly non-bottoming experience. I am now in a relationship with a dom who wants to push me to be the submissive I envision myself being. I would like to get deeper into understanding how I can be a better service bottom and daddy’s boy, as well as how to make my dom feel well-taken care of. I’ve always wanted to go deeper into understanding the nuances and the give and take. I think this course would bring me much deeper into the world of submission, as well as help me examine why and how I want to be an effective submissive.

  15. Yasha says:

    Hello :) I am a submissive, 22-year-old trans-male. Since both my Top and I are rather inexperienced, I would be very thankful for a chance to be a better sub for them and support them as well as the development of our relationship as much as I can. I am especially curious about how to express interests and help my Top overcome initial reluctance without “topping from the bottom” too much… Since I’m only a poor student, I will unfortunately not be able to afford a place the “regular” way, so this really would be the only way for me.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I am a poor college student that would love to learn about the nature of submission and how to become a better submissive. This is something I have been interested in for a very long time and I would love the opportunity to explore it in a safe and instructive environment.

  17. Nichole says:

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity but money is tight so I would love the chance to take the class for free.

  18. Neave says:

    I would love to learn to play, in a safe and harmless way, before I’m on my knees in the hay, I’ll hang on every word you’ll say

  19. Nee says:

    I’ve known I am a Submissive at the very core of my being for quite awhile. I would love to learn how to be a better Submissive, and how to truly let go. I am also painfully shy, so I think that perhaps in growing in my submission, I would break out of my shell.

  20. Angela says:

    I’m very new to submission and want to learn more about what I need from it so I can communicate that to my wife who is willing to learn along with me. I feel the structure of this course would be very beneficial!

  21. shelbysue says:

    As a queer, submissive girl I would relish in the opportunity to expand my submission and my understanding of what makes me tick, so to speak. I would like to delve more into my service oriented nature.

  22. Tara says:

    Wow, I would really love to be able to do this! The logistics of my primary relationship mean that I am in a dominant role most of the time, but I would prefer to be able to better explore and utilize the rather significant submissive aspect of myself. I also think that learning more about submissive theory and hearing from others and networking would allow me to play better with my dominant. Thank you for your consideration.

  23. Matthew R says:

    For me it’s the thought of letting a woman or man just being able to just take me and all I can do is feel it, not being able to do more, is a turn on for me.

  24. Sarah says:

    I found out later in life that I am a translesbian, but I have a male body. When I experienced being loved as a female by my butchie stud lesbian, I have literally felt a euphoria of wanting to be a bottom for every butchie lesbian I meet. Its like I find happiness only when they have an orgasm with me giving the special pleasure they want from me. I feel a bit embarrassed when I know that might make me seem like a slut….but I only get pleasure from pleasing my love.

  25. Sierra says:

    In my everyday, vanilla life I am a dominating force to be reckoned with. I love submitting to my partner because I am able to get out of my head, forget about life responsibilities and just revel in offering myself to another. I would love a spot in your ecourse because I think learning about the intellectual/theoretical side of submission sounds fascinating and I would like to see how to apply that to my own submission.

  26. skylar murphey says:

    I’m gender-fluid boi that always seems to attract aggressive femmes. Not really sure how to best work within this space (although I do love it) and could use some help.

  27. Kate says:

    I am so excited about taking this class, but am unfortunately very broke-ass. I love how submission helps me feel so proud and special, and I would be so grateful to learn more in a safe and exciting environment!

  28. Veyda says:

    I feel like finally embracing my submissive side could give me freedom not only sexually, but in every other aspect of my life.

  29. Smiling says:

    I’ve been intrigued by this course since I discovered your blog a few months ago. I feel like submission is a thread that has run through my sexual development from the beginning, but I am only just getting started exploring it with other people. I’d love the opportunity to do some deeper introspection. I hope I’m not too late to be entered in the drawing!

    1. Sinclair says:

      Nope, not too late! People can comment until tomorrow night, Wednesday, and I’ll pull a winner tomorrow night.

  30. Euphrates says:

    I am in nursing school, and it has entirely eaten my life! Now that I feel like I have a better handle on things (last semester was BRUTAL), I’m trying to reconnect with the other parts of my life, including my connections in various alternative lovestyles. This class may just be my ticket to rekindling the BDSM aspects of my relationships (which have been sorely lacking of late, and not “sorely” in a good way).

  31. Callie says:

    I’ve learned very late in the game that my most private desires and turn ons are not only ok but downright sexy to others. I want to explore and expand my submissive skills and find more ways to please and be pleased. Thanks for the work you do.

  32. Finn says:

    I would definitely love to attend this year around. If not, then maybe next year!

  33. Sugar says:

    I’m a relatively inexperienced submissive who loves to learn. I think this course would be perfect :)

  34. Sungrl83 says:

    My lord and teacher Sexsmith, first off thank you for taking the time to read my request. I humbly request you’d acceptance into the upcoming submissive playground.I am currently working between employers and desperately seeking dominaltiomal guidance. Please feel free to use and Guide me into the submission I so desperately need. Respectfully requesting your approval, catherine

  35. Tonja says:

    Hi Sinclair,

    Still wrapping my brain and emotions around the subject of submission. My wife would like to explore this further with me. I am an information person so a class on this subject is a start, a beginning to allow myself to explore further whether this is something that pulls/calls to me. Thanks for offering the class, this website & your honest commentary!

  36. Becky says:

    I don’t know who I am. After years of vanilla life, I met a girl that introduced me to a world I’d only thought of in the dark and then she quickly vanished from my life.
    I want to learn from the playground who I am.

  37. calebwoofdog says:

    Yes please! i am a queer, transmasculine boy in a committed D/s relationship with an amazing Lady. i am also underemployed and barely scraping by financially. Please pick me! i am hungry to learn!

  38. Ana Rufus says:

    Sounds like a good way to while away the hours toiling away on the farm thinking about these things. Isolated farming kinky queer seeks community to explore identities…

  39. Lily says:

    My knowledge is primarily academic and I am such a newb as to be practically virginal. When the right situation or potential partner comes along, I’d like to be more confident in my submission based on knowledge and more personal growth so maybe I won’t blush and shudder quite so much. ;)

  40. Madin Lopez says:

    Hi there! I would love to have a spot, and yes like many others I am promoting a great cause. I cut hair for the gay teens in my neighborhood that have been kicked out of their homes for their orientation. I am in the process of building out a vintage airstream trailer to be my mobile self esteem building machine. Attached are links to my indiegogo and promotional video. I hope you find my efforts noble.

  41. Eridae says:

    I’m painfully shy and really, really new to this world, with a lover who is very much so a dominant I could definitely use a little help :)

  42. Lou says:

    Sulky, badly behaved and frustrated femme seeks advice, instruction and inspiration. Tutor required for practical guidance and cerebral stimulation during July and August. Only experienced candidates invited to apply. Rates of pay are laughable, but I guess you’ll find other ways to compensate yourself for your trouble…

  43. Alyss says:

    I’m still struggling to accept my submissive side sometimes so I think that the course would help me to do this, plus be a really fun and interesting learning experience.

  44. Eli says:

    I would love to win this! I’ve been wanting to take the class but I’m a broke ass freelancer :(

  45. Kelly says:

    I want the course. I need the course…I would really like to learn to trust the experience and explore the pleasure that pours from me as I submit deeper into her/our wishes.

  46. Tequila Rose says:

    This would be such an awesome way for me to fill my summer vacation! I have been with my Daddy for almost six years now and I even followed Him halfway around the world when He had to move back to Germany. I am always looking for ways to deepen and strengthen my submission and I did get super excited when I first heard about this, but got disappointed because I can’t afford to attend. I feel like this would be an extremely awesome opportunity!

  47. Ariana says:

    This course sounds awesome!!! I really hope I get in :) otherwise I may have to claim “broke-ass” status lol

  48. kay dharma says:

    Hi Sinclair,

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a free spot. i’m a mature submissive woman and extremely interested to take this course, but have no means to pay for it. Currently i am taking some time away from being actively kinky, and from my local kink community, with the goal of doing some healing after some negative experiences. i am sure this course would help me further explore my submissive nature during this break, and i think / hope it would help me to gain some confidence as a submissive.

  49. Kate says:

    I’ve been exploring my local BDSM community for the last 18 months and it has been fascinating. I’ve made great friends and had amazing experiences. Because of a former relationship agreement, though, I have only played with men even though I identify as femme and pretty darn lesbian-ish. Now that I’m able to really engage my whole sexuality I’ve realized how superficial my submission has been – just primarily physical, service-related, and a bit emotional, but not deep and rich and spiritual and connected. So now I’m scared. Everything feels super risky again just when I thought I was getting a handle on things. How do I go deeper but still protect myself? How do I deal with my feelings around butch and gender queer folks, where my attraction is way more profound and I want so much more? How can this be ‘play’ when it feels so basic to my core?

    I live in a smaller Canadian city where the queer kinky community is small and predominantly redonculously young. What’s a mature, service-oriented, leathery, femme girl like me supposed to do? Oh AND people keep telling me I’m a masochist when I don’t identify that way…if sadistic energy gets me off does that really make me a masochist?

    Please help this impoverished writer figure out more about her submissive journey. I promise to be good!

  50. Alaina says:

    I’m learning to be more introspective and I weirdly miss having homework (maybe it’s the seeking of praise?) so I think this would be an awesome opportunity. I also want to understand and gone my submission better to be able to communicate my needs & wants more clearly to my fiancee.

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