This Weekend Only: Sliding Sale at the Submissive Playground

This Weekend Only: Sliding Sale at the Submissive Playground

June 13, 2014  |  miscellany
Are you so broke-ass that you can’t afford the Broke Ass Package?

(I am too sometimes.) I don’t want the money to get in the way of you coming to play at the Submissive Playground! So, as a celebration of doms and butch tops and daddies (and mommies and femme tops and all the kind of bad-ass D-types), over Father’s Day weekend, Submissive Playground’s Broke Ass Package is on a sliding scale, from $150-61. Pay whatever amount within there that you can afford, and you can come play with us!

Why $61?

That’s how much I calculated (with my accountant, aka that it costs me to run the course per person. If I let you take it for any less than that, I’m actually paying to let you take the course. At $61, I don’t make any money, but I don’t go in the red, either—I break even.

Update! And quick switcheroo

Gumroad shut down my account due to violating terms of service, because my content is sexually explicit. I will probably make a big to-do about it later, after I get through the weekend, but for now, HERE’S THE NEW DEAL:
1. Click to make a donation to me / Submissive Playground
2. Enter an amount between $61-1,500,000
3. You will be enrolled for the Broke-Ass Package of Submissive Playground.
(Broke-Ass? Hey, wait! I want to see all my options first!)

Sorry! This sale is over!

The fine print!

This Sliding Sale is limited! (It will probably sell out!) Pick it up quick if you want to take part.

The Sliding Sale will self-destruct in 2 days (at 6pm PST on Sunday, Father’s Day). After that, it’ll go back to the regular price of $150.

If you ordered on Gumroad, don’t worry! You are still signed up! I will be in touch with all of you within this week.

Registration for the Submissive Playground’s summer session is open until June 30, 2014.

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