So what ARE the different kinds of s-types? And more about the s-type quiz

So what ARE the different kinds of s-types? And more about the s-type quiz

December 11, 2013  |  essays

So, the quiz! “What kind of s-type are you?” quiz, that rife + I co-created, was launched November 30th as a fun game, and an interesting tool, and the beginnings of a conversation about how many different ways that submissive folks explore their own submission.

And what the heck do we mean by “submission,” anyway? Do I mean “the person receiving the sensation or sexual touch in a BDSM scene”? Or do I mean “the person who takes the orders in a relationship”? Well … both, or either. And that is precisely the point: To begin asking what it is we mean when we say these things, to think deeper about them, and, ultimately, to make better informed choices about the parts in these power games that we want to play.

Here’s the quiz, in case you missed it:

THANK YOU for all of your thoughts and feedback. It’s been so fun to read and engage with you about this. There are more than 50 comments on the thread where I posted the quiz the first time, and each one I read and thought about … I replied to some, but I get overwhelmed by that level of correspondence sometimes, so I didn’t reply to everyone. I did have quite a few people who identified as kitties or puppies tell me that they weren’t represented, and it’s true that I didn’t include very many “vanilla” or non-s-type options. There was a bit of an agenda with the quiz, which was to determine which of the six s-types we separated out best matched the answers you’d give when you took the quiz. We added the “Not an s-type” option, just to make it a bit more inclusive.

And of course, it’s impossible to actually determine how it is that YOU identify just based on ten questions with seven options each! There is much more nuance to each person than that.

But, overwhelmingly, the response has been that the quiz is fairly accurate! And I love that! I hope it begins some conversations about what the different types of s-types are, and where you fit and what that means to you.

If I did a quiz again, I’d look for a different quiz host that gave the answers in percents, rather than just showed you ONE answer. (70% submissive, 30% servicey, for example.) But for this time, we didn’t do that.

The quiz has been taken more than 2,000 times (wow!). Here’s the statistics about what results were given:

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 1.59.28 PM

I find it pretty fascinating. I never would have guessed that Slave would be so common of a result, or that Bottom and Service were the most uncommon.

For the sakes of THIS quiz, the “Slave” answer was determined by a lot of questions that were about ownership and possession, “Bottom” was determined by receiving sensation and play (kind of from a service top), and “Service” was … well, about service. I think many, many s-types incorporate service into other s-type identities, and the service part isn’t necessarily the strongest reaction for them—but that’s just a theory.

Here’s the descriptions of ALL of the s-types that we broke the quiz down into.

Hey wait, you’re not an s-type!

Slut by day, slut by night.

Naughty, naughty, naughty

Bottom’s Up



Classic Submissive

Whatcha think? Do you still think the quiz results you got were the most accurate description of you? Do you agree with my write-ups of what each one means?

It’s been a fascinating experiment! Thanks for playing!

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  1. This was so much fun! I completely lost track of time while taking the quiz. (which it’s fabulous)

    My results, slave, surprised me in the word alone, because I have a very different image of what a slave is. Maybe, it’s all the “Marketplace Series” readings. Lol! Yet, when you really think about the core elements of being a slave, ownership and possession, I’d have to agree that it suites me well. I do think that bottoms enjoy those elements as well, and when asked, I say I am a queer femme bottom/submissive. If they are in the scene, I say submissive. If they are not, I say bottom. Just as a way to make relating easier.

    This does bring up a conversation about how culture and society have shaped these ways of defining one’s kinky self, especially with “50 Shades of a Grey” out there, and how that reflects how we see ourselves. Also, how it alters that perception too. This could go all super deep into the history of the word ‘slave’ and that likely has a huge influence on my lack of use for the word. Queer person of color here.

    But now I’ve talked too much. Lol! Great project Sinclair.

    Ps, an option for other, fill in the blanks, might be fun too. A great way for people to share more on there S-type.

  2. I think that having percentages rather than one final answer would have made my quiz results feel a lot better. I got “service” (apparently I’m one of the select few) the first time I took it, and “submissive” the second when I changed a few answers that had been a toss up. I retook it in part because I didn’t feel that the sole answer of “service” felt good to me. I know it’s a big part of my s-type side, but I felt uncomfortable with it being my whole s-type identity. So percentage breakdowns would be great for fixing that weird feeling of alienation from what felt like a too-small box.

  3. I definitely think presenting the results as percentages would be better. There are so many factors that play into one’s sexual identity that isolating just one s-type can easily be innacurate. Also, presenting the results as percentages might make the results as a whole (the results for the sample) more accurate since it might reduce the number of people who took the quiz more than once. Surely I can’t be the only person who took it two… maybe three times. That being said, I got the same result every time I took it, “Naughty, naughty, naughty.” My result and the description were scarily accurate, like I’m certain I’ve used most of your description almost verbatim to describe myself before. The quiz was a lot of fun to take and very well written (no surprise there!).

  4. I love this quiz! Is there a Dom-type one as well??

  5. I took it twice to see if going with my second choice answers would change the verdict. Nope, I’m a slut through and through! I frankly like the diagnosis a lot; it helps me make sense of my sexuality. Definitely an identity I can own! Thank you :)

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