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Sinclair Sexsmith is "the best-known butch erotica writer whose kinky, groundbreaking stories have turned on countless queer women" (AfterEllen), who "is in all the books, wins all the awards, speaks at all the panels and readings, knows all the stuff, and writes for all the places" (Autostraddle). ​Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2016 finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. They identify as a white non-binary butch dominant, a survivor, and an introvert, and use the pronouns they, them, theirs, themself. Follow all their personal writings and all the updates through

72 thoughts on “The quiz is here! What kind of s-type are you?”

  1. DJ says:

    I don’t know if it works! It says “invalid hash.”

    1. Sinclair says:

      Oh no! It seems to be working for others—maybe it’s something about the iframe/embedded quiz in the browser? What browser are you using? It’s working for me on Chrome.

    2. Laura says:

      I had this problem too because of a Chrome extension—the ‘Disconnect’ one, to be exact. I disabled the extension and it went through the second time around. I’m guessing it’s some ad-blocking thing you’ve got installed.

      1. yarrow says:

        good tip, thank you. i had to disable noscript in firefox to make it work.

    3. ellis says:

      I’m having the same problem, on a Mac, in Chrome, on your site (not in a reader) with no extensions.

      1. Sinclair says:

        Drat. Sorry ellis, I’m not sure what to tell you. Sounds like I have a similar setup that you do & it’s working okay for me. You can try the source of the quiz directly: … does that help?

  2. Michelle says:

    Well Mr. Sexsmith I said I would take it and let you know the know the results. I scored as a slave. A bit surprising but makes sense, the description is very accurate. I appreciate the work the You and Rife put into it. No silly questions that make no sense and have nothing to do with the quiz. Thank you for putting in the effort and making it fun and informative. Be sure to thank Rife also.

    1. rife says:

      You’re welcome! I do read here from time to time you know. ;)

  3. Dawn says:

    I got “slave.” It is how I think of myself most of the time, or at least most of the time when I’m happy. I think the description is accurate to my way of conceptualizing “slave.” Good job.

  4. samantha says:

    i am a “slut.” which very, very accurately describes my fantasy self. still working on translating this to my actual sexual relationships. but overall i’d say this seems pretty accurate. well done.

    1. Sinclair says:

      Oh I love that! Thanks Samantha. And, that kind of ‘making my fantasies into reality’ is exactly what the ecourse in January is all about. You should sign up! Consider yourself invited!

  5. Ren says:

    Hahah! I scored as a Not S-type or a Switch.

    1. TrishC says:

      Ha! Me too.

      As expected.

  6. Jan says:

    I got

    “You clock in as a classic submissive. You like giving over to your Dominant’s will, not just submitting to a Top’s sensation. You have a few boundaries and limits to what you will or won’t do, but you are eager to do what it takes to please and pleasure the one to whom you submit. You may love pain, or love to give service, or adore sex, but your desire for giving over is what drives you the strongest.”

    which sounds spot on right now. I have to tell you how much I love this quiz. I thought it would be a bit of fun but what’s surprised me is how much it’s given me to think about as well. How much my D/s should come out of the metaphorical bedroom is a question I’m working on at the moment and observing which choices in the quiz I struggled with has helped a lot. Thanks a lot Mr Sexsmith and Rife!

    1. rife says:

      Aw thanks Jan,

      It was really fun to help come up with the answer choices. Glad ya’ll are enjoying it!

  7. Ryan says:

    Classic submissive…hmm. Seems pretty accurate to me. Great job with this quiz! Now I just need to find someone to push my boundaries and see exactly what I’m capable of ;-) Thanks!

    1. rife says:

      Oo, sounds like you should take the ecourse.

      1. Ryan says:

        From the sounds of it…yes, I agree!

  8. Ashley says:

    The answer I got makes TOTAL sense – wow. Nice work!

    I did get an “invalid hash” when I attempted to take it from my feedly feed, but as soon as I moved to your site, it returned an answer.

  9. Urcatcher says:

    “It’s not just a BDSM cliche—some of us, like you, are actual consensual slaves. You want to give over access to your entire self: body, time, will, and more. Though you may love to receive sensation, give good service, and submit psychologically, you also get off the very most by being owned, controlled, and possessed. Your deepest pleasure derives from someone else taking their deepest pleasure from encounters with you, and everything else is just icing on the cake. You love to be asked to do things that are not for your pleasure, just so you can have a chance to exercise your own devotion to your path as a slave”

    Yup …… Sounds like me!

  10. GL says:

    I’m a “Slut by day, slut by night”

    No surprise there. I didn’t know what the types were, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect going in, but the answer fits well with what I know (or at least think I know) about myself.

    I actually thought the test was especially well designed to come up with that. As I was going through it I was worried that my answers were a bit random and all over the place, but I was as honest as possible, and I guess it works!

    I felt self-conscious going in that the test would unmask me as not seriously submissive (which I’m not) and it did so in the most accurate way possible, at the same time as giving me a very pleasant flash of self-recognition: I like being hit because I like being touched. Makes sense.

    Great job guys!

    1. rife says:

      Aww, Iove that flash of recognition. I’m totally touch-hungry too. ;)

  11. TK says:

    I got a score I expected. This quiz overall feels very well designed, however, the question about “punishment”: some of the answers seem to conflate BDSM play with punishment, where I see them as potentially overlapping activities. Was that intentional?

  12. Katy says:

    Bottom. Through and through. No surprises there – am a total sensation fiend.

  13. Q says:

    I got “You are not an s-type.” Yup. Exactly.

    Oh how I envy the position you will be in in January. I want to be the D-type to all those delicious practicing s-types. When do we get a D-type project where rife can help us learn how to be better tops? *mischievous grin*

    1. Sinclair says:

      Hahaha oh you wish! I am pretty excited about the practicing s-types (I’m calling them “players”)! I am still working out curriculum, so if there’s a way to bring in other Dominants for them to practice on, I’ll let you know :) That’s a great idea.

  14. sidsmama says:

    Slut!!! Pretty accurate except I am also a total submissive, and don’t switch at all. 💋

  15. Aura says:

    I got slut. And yes, my kink is definitely centered around sex and arousal, but I think I’m other things, too, especially when it comes to my submission: I’m very service-oriented, and my fave thing is sending my Dom off into the outer reaches of (ok, yes, sexual) bliss.

    For many of these, I wanted to click more than one answer!

    Lots of fun. Hope the D-type one is coming soon (And that you have Loving Daddy/Mommy as a type).

  16. Meridith says:

    Classic submissive here. Thanks for putting it together! I’d love to see a link to the other types at the bottom of the results page. I took it on an ipad though, so maybe it was there but just didn’t show up. And I’m with Aura – I hope we can see one for the dominant folks as well.

    1. Sinclair says:

      Hi Meridith—

      It doesn’t have all the types listed out with all the descriptions, though people have posted most of them as their results here. I’m glad to make those available though, that’s a good idea. I always want to see all the options on the quizzes I take, that makes sense.

      1. theologyofcats says:

        Another classic sub here who thinks that’s pretty apt and was also looking for a link to check out the other results. I suppose there’s a level on which I judge quiz accuracy by not only how well the description I got fits, but also whether it fits better than the other results. But it was a fun quiz with good questions that I actually had to think about and envision. Thanks!

  17. Blue says:

    Hi! Well, I took the test, but I feel it needs more options (and possibly results). I have a strong identification as both a service sub (nonsexual) and a pet. As a cat specifically, I often have little care for what my Owner wants, but at the same time, I really love to do things for them especially because I am great at it (cleaning, cooking, etc). So, a lot of the questions had me picking the one that fit the best even if it didn’t really fit, or I liked almost all of them depending on the situation. Example: punishment is not always a beating! I knew a Dom who punished his slave by making her sit in the corner until she memorized entire NFL teams. While she loves pain (she claims to be a bottomless bottom), and as a little girl of course she got spankings and such for being naughty, the other stuff were the real punishments. So, a punishment for me, a kitty, would be refusing to give me pets. Or squirting with the water bottle!

    1. Sinclair says:

      Hey Blue! Definitely it is not exhaustive, and doesn’t encompass ALL the flavors or the possibilities of s-types. It doesn’t have any of what I’d call “s-type identities” in there—like boy, girl, littles in general, pets, or even daddies or mommies who are also submissive. It’s just the beginnings of conversations about s-types, not supposed to particularly identify the precise nuances that are YOU. :)

      Also, you wrote, “punishment is not always a beating!” And I completely agree. I was trying to differentiate between punishment as a fetish, punishment as an excuse for BDSM play, and punishment being “disappointment is more than enough and we will work to make mistakes not happen, not punish for them,” and punishments being actual training punishments (like your NFL example—harsh! And I bet effective!) Lots of people in the BDSM world DO use “punishments” as excuses for playing deeper and harder, though, which sometimes separates out the kinds of s-types, which is why that part is included in this quiz.

      But either way—you’re very right, it’s not completely conclusive and won’t encompass EVERYBODY. I hope it will encompass a LOT of options, though; and by the replies I’ve been getting, it seems like it does!

    2. Andy says:

      So I just took this quiz and I also found some of the questions hard to answer because the option I’d want wasn’t there at all. Since I also identify as a kitten, I thought it might not be a coincidence that Blue and I had some of the same experiences. For the record, this is absolutely not to say, “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE IGNORING MY IDENTITY!” I just mean it as constructive criticism.

      In particular, I felt like some of the questions were lacking the “vanilla” option, as strange as that sounds. Even though I very definitely ID as an s-type, I don’t always react to everything as an s-type. When my partner comes home, I mostly want to hear about their day and give them a hug. If they ask me to do something, I want to do it just to help them out, as a nice person. I like being hurt, but I don’t do punishment in any form. And so on.

      I tried to pick answers as well as I could but after all that, I somehow ended up a slave, which felt a bit weird. I answer to no one! Unless I want to. Meow.

  18. CT says:

    I got “naughty minx” which is entirely fucking accurate! As another person said, I was afraid my answers were all over the board, but I still got a result that is me to a t, even though I don’t have a ton of experience in a D/s context and I had no idea what result I was going to get before I did the quiz. Well done!

  19. Aurore says:

    Well it says I’m not testing as an s-type which is pretty much true. I have s-type leanings and moments with the right D-type but it’s not constant or a need. I’m certainly a masochist but s-type is undetermined. I think sometimes I want to be a sub if some kind but I need to be able to build a relationship that will allow be to feel safe letting go.

  20. Sinclair says:

    y’all thank you SO MUCH for taking the quiz and your comments! it’s so fun to see your thoughts and hear how many of you think it was basically accurate. I know it’s a broad-stroke outline of what your unique submission is actually like, but it’s a start of something and (hopefully) a little better than the other (unsatisfying) s-type quizzes out there.

    still, a few folks have said things like ” it needs some work. There are too many different styles of submission, service, and slavery to try to identify them with 10 questions.” … sorry to hear that. it is NOT supposed to be an exhaustive study of s-types, it’s just a fun beginning of the conversation. And of course many of the answers (service, slut, naughty, slave, submissive, bottom, not an s-type) OVERLAP—we aren’t 100% of any one of those, it’s more likely that we’re a combination of all or at least many.

    But also: lighten up! It’s for fun (and, I did somewhat expect that, hence “disclaimer disclaimer.” Identity politics are taken very seriously, I know). In order to categorize, we must distill down into more broad strokes than our many myriad nuances allow for. That’s not perfect, and not accurate, but it’s the best way to start a definition of something.

  21. Sara says:

    This was actually really fun to take! It scored me as a slave, in which I usually just self-identify as a submissive/masochist, with nonsexual play as a little and kitten. The description of the slave role actually struck a chord. Something to think about and evolve… *grin*

  22. Kyle says:

    It placed me at the ‘bottom’, which is pretty accurate for me, most of the time. Though I identify as a switch, I answered it from my lower-case-letter perspective. Even as a top, I’m a service top and enjoy crafting scenes and fantasy realizations for those I am playing with. Great quiz, very fun to do, and not too long!

  23. Femmi Moore says:

    Slave!? Okay then, i guess that makes sense. If i was asked to self identity i would say i am just a girl to an awesome Daddy. Broken down into its parts though we’re pretty much 24/7 Daddy/girl, I’m a service bottom to a service top so there is a large service aspect to our dynamic, and i am definitely a heavy masochist.

    i have never self identified as a slave and as such laughed at the result, but yes it is pretty accurate a description if i think about it.

    1. Sinclair says:

      Fascinating! I am working on an article about “how D/s became M/s” about my own journey in this, and a big piece of that for me was not having any (or rather, enough) queer M/s role models to understand how M/s works in queer ways. I was very 24/7 Daddy/girl for many years (as you may remember from many years of writing here …) and also pretty heavily into service, and while I think those things don’t necessarily mean M/s is part of the dynamic, it’s a pretty fine line between that and M/s. (Or some sort of Owner/property or other words for M/s.) And thanks for that feedback—glad it seems like an accurate description, even if it’s somewhat laughable :)

      1. Femmi Moore says:

        Oh yes definitely! i get the M/s and ownership aspect fully. It is just funny that i’ve have never thought of the Daddy/girl dynamic in terms of M/s. Agreed there has been very little in terms of queer M/s role models and even less so in dynamics that don’t entirely fit the butch/femme mold.

        It is interesting thinking of queer power exchange in terms of mainstream BDSM language when the gender dynamic alone adds an extra level of complexity. For example i ID as a GQ femme so while our dynamic default is D/g there is some Daddy/boy too which has a totally different flavour.

        Also the Daddy = Master concept has me thinking hard. It fits but it also doesn’t, though perhaps that has more to do with my cis/heteronormative experience of the M/s dynamic so far.

  24. erin says:

    I scored “slave,” which really fits in the context of the relationship I am currently fostering. Fun quiz!

  25. Femmi Moore says:

    Oops, i entered the wrong email address so i am not getting notifications on this post.

  26. Claire says:

    I got “classic sub” which seems about right. I was wondering if there was any place you could post all possible outcomes and there descriptions? I get not wanting to have it before someone takes the test, so maybe post here in the comments? From what I gather there is: classic sub, bottom, slave, slut, naughty minx and not s-type. Is there a type that is more challenging? My girlfriend and I like to force each other to submit after a lot of very physical play. Fun test, thank you both!

  27. Pure says:

    Perfectly accurate! Thank you for confirming :D

  28. Jane says:

    Thanks for the quiz; that was fun. The e-course sounds like such a great opportunity for exploring, but it’s not something I can do within the context of my relationship. I would love, love, love to someday see a version that *is* a little more like a workshop or series of classes, with exercises and experiments.

  29. Tuesday/Lola says:

    Ok I got it to work from here, no more hash error. I got bottom with my first choice and second choice answers. The description is very accurate, but it doesn’t really take into account having different roles with different partners.I am a switch but I don’t switch within a single relationships much. But I am definitely a bottom to my love that I bottom to, if you know what I mean lol.

  30. Elise says:

    Heh. Looks like I’m a Classic Sub. Seems about right. It would be interesting to see some gathered data from this quiz.

    1. Sinclair says:

      The only data it collects is how many people take it, and what their answers were. I shared some of that last night on Facebook:

      But I’m glad to share more as it goes on. Right now, with 850 responses, it looks like this:

      281 33% Submissive
      150 18% Not an S-type!
      119 14% Slut by day, slut by night.
      104 12% Slave
      95 11% Naughty, naughty, naughty
      73 9% Bottom
      28 3% Servicey

      Honestly I never would’ve guessed that 18% of folks taking this would come up with “not an s-type,” or that Service would be only 3%. Pretty interesting!

  31. Masters_alice says:

    i identified as slave according to your test, which happens to be the way i identify in my relationship. However, i was a little surprised given the answers that i gave on the test (although i am wondering how heavily the answer to the last question weighed in the results)… smiles. Good job. :-)

  32. freeper says:

    According to this i am a “classic submissive” although i identify myself as a slave. Interesting.

  33. rachel says:

    According to the test I came out Classic Submissive and it describes me 100% So fo me this test was dead on!

  34. Jess says:

    I think your quiz must be accurate. I was getting all charged up just reading about being a bottom :) I love it! Great quiz!!

  35. jass says:

    i rated as naughty, naughty, naughty! Quite accurate…grins

  36. Pyrrhonist says:

    I think of myself as a service top I suppose but not an s-type and the quiz bore that out. I enjoyed all the questions, even the ones that don’t really apply to me because they still felt plausible and helped me think about dynamics. Cheers Sinclair and Rife =) This is the only place I can really study and safely explore kink relationships so long may it continue!

  37. Elle says:

    Slut! I knew it! :) I draw the line at humiliation, but otherwise? Bring it!

  38. Nikki says:

    I scored as a classic submissive. Definitely me. One of the most accurate tests I’ve taken.

  39. Briseis says:

    I got slave and this does describe my core self, although I was not sure how it would wind up since I thought some of my answers felt in different categories from others, if that makes sense. It would be interesting to know how many answers in each category one scores (e.g. am I 80% slave, 20% slut, or 90/10) or something like that.

    All in all a great quiz and a great site. I am totally new here, but will be back!


  40. Corvett says:

    Spot on, which I did not expect, so thank you. I usually get the result of brat though some have come out different none have been so accurate. I got naughty! I’m just a sarcastic, playful masochist and I live for snarky banter battles.

  41. Veronica says:

    very accurate for me as a bottom :)

  42. new flowers says:

    Fun quiz – thanks so much. I scored exactly where I am. One suggestion: black letters on dark red background are difficult to red so one of the colors should be lighter.

  43. Inara Serene says:

    I got “Slut by Day, Slut by Night.” Accurate, but I think I’m just as into d/s as I’m into sex. But if I’m asked if I’d prefer a blowjob or a caning, I know which I’ll choose, so … slut it is!

  44. DC says:

    Darn. This was one of those quizzes where none of the answers felt right. My ill-fitting result as “classic submissive” probably reflects that. So below I’ll list the answers I wish were there.

    I’m a heavily sub-leaning switch (switch-leaning sub?) with SAM tendencies. I find submission deeply sexy as a fetish but it’s very unnatural and a great internal struggle to maintain submission. I’m a fighter. Occasionally I’ll get in service topping or dominant mood. Finally, romantic love turns me into more of a service sub than I would be with anyone else.

    1. Greet them warmly, give them kisses, then talk with them or get back to what I was doing. (smile and nod is close enough I guess)
    2. If it’s something I don’t want to do, I might pout about it or talk them out of it. If I do want it, I’ll probably give them some sass or physical resistance just to make it fun/interesting for both of us.
    3. Funishment is awesome but give me real discipline to let me know you’re serious! It’s hard to take you seriously as a dominant if you never stand firm.
    4. Being powerless comes close enough to what I would answer. My mind is oppressively in control most of the time, and it’s wonderful to escape that physical restraint, psychological play, and just being overwhelmed.
    5. Socializing near my dominant, largely as equals. (Mostly because we’re both introverts and stick together.) Some light displays of D/s or switch banter. Or playing with each other. Or pickup play.
    6. Best friend/life partner
    7. Either the novelty or handcuffs answers
    8. Outside interest answer
    9. Ownership answer
    10. Hard decision. Torn between service top, switch, respectful but strong. I guess “life partner who controls me sexually and gives me guidance and discipline in the day-to-day, but who is able to laugh at themselves.” LOL guess that doesn’t fit…

    I haven’t had the opportunity to submit to someone I trust, respect, and love, who is also very dominant. I am with someone who is all those things except very switchy, and it’s the most satisfying D/s I’ve encountered so far. But she’s the only one who brought all those other things to the table too, which are huge for me. Perhaps my answers would change if she were more dominant and there was never any “power vacuum” that made switching seem like an option. Or if she exerted more day-to-day control. Shrug.

    1. Sinclair says:

      hey DC! thanks for your notes, it sounds like you’ve done a lot of thinking about what submission means to you. There is a new revised quiz at if you’d like to see how we’ve revised it!

      Considering that you like to write about your experiences with submission (or at least, assuming that since you wrote this comment), I bet you’d LOVE this course! Consider signing up for Submissive Playground :D

  45. DC says:

    *escape that THROUGH physical restraint

  46. Pixie Lumis Serigala says:

    I’m not that surprised that I got ‘slave’ it IS like, my biggest fantasy. It’s a shame submissive playground has exceeded their bandwidth, and I can’t check out their Submissive Playground course…

  47. Mary James says:

    I got naughty, naughty, naughty…..lmao someone asked if you knew me. It was me to a T. A fun a accurate quiz 😃

  48. aisha says:

    let me first thank you for creating this quiz because it described be perfectly
    it says ” im a slut by day, slut by night”
    just what i think of myself as
    congratulations u created a great quiz :-)

  49. N.S. Willis says:

    Hi, this was my first visit to your site, as I am on a mission to increase my knowledge and understsnding of a D/s relationship. I was recently asked by a female partner if I had ever thought about, considered, or tried being bound, spanked or submissively surrendering to a woman. Allowing her to assume a dominant controling role over me. I still don’t know how I found the courage to answer her questions honestly, or why I believed she deserved to hear of my deepest, darkest and well hidden feelings. I really never thought I could ever share these inner fantasies with anyone, out of fear of the embarrassment, or shameful feelings I may experience. The greatest thing happened though, she welcomed my honesty, no judgement was made, and I felt a hugh relief from a weight I have carried for so long. I began expelling more and more of my dirty little secret thoughts, it was magical. We set a time to let this become reality, and see where it leads. I know how hard it was to deal with the thoughts, I had no idea what carring out these physical acts would impact me.
    On our initial effort at this, things went really well. Our second attempt wasn’t all positive though. I had some feeling pop in my head that I was ready for, confusion and doubt immediately consumed me.
    That is why I sought to find a way to test my psychy, to validate if I fit the submissive man mold or not. I received the results from the quiz you have created, with a surprising result. It says I am a classic submissive. All I can say is that I have a lot to learn, so much to process, and evaluate. I will be setting the parameters and limits for myself that promote a healthy benefit as my pursuit into the D/s world developes. i can see right off that what works for some isn’t for everyone. I believe with the right partner, this could be a long adventure.

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