Making Peace #14

Doors Openings

In my last apartment, none
of the doors shut completely. I
hung hand towels over the tops

to make the seal tight enough not
to open with just the slightest
push. In this new apartment,

the doors all latch firm shut, but
I keep crashing into them, throwing
my shoulder into the wood, touching

them with my toe, a small kick,
an elbow, a slight push, expecting
them to open. Though the truth is,

they would all open, eagerly,
with trembling pleasure, if ever
I uttered the softest request.

7 thoughts on “Making Peace #14”

  1. Cuntext says:

    i see. pretty.

  2. DiAnna says:

    I like this!

  3. Rife says:

    You are a poetic genius.

    Also. ‘Trembling pleasure’ is a tag I’d like to see used more. :)

  4. yarrow says:


    and — *hugs*


  5. clarkeroyale says:

    You know, its the quality of the writing that makes me reluctant to sully it with a hamfisted comment of ‘stunning’. But embarrassingly that’s all my inadequate vocabulary came up with…

    Thanks for sharing this

    And thanks for popping up rife! It would be great to hear something from you, if you want.

  6. e says:

    Nice imagery, beautiful analogy…

  7. Packlyn says:


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