Little hometown adventures: Hiking, whale watching, beer tasting (aka this week in pictures)

This week in pictures
From last week—false outer point beach in Douglas. My phone was dead, so this shot is what rife took. My favorite beach.

This week in pictures This week in pictures
Downtown Juneau evening walk. “Welcome to Juneau” sign on the cruise ship docks | 10:30pm dinner at the Warf (that’s mint ice cream “grasshopper” pie)

This week in pictures This week in pictures
Perseverence Trail up the Silver Bow Basin, where the first mine in Juneau was constructed. It was warm! | Using the water filter for glacial run off. Probably not necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt. Also, it was delicious.

This week in pictures This week in pictures This week in pictures
Us (bugs love hair product so I have mostly gone naked …) | Waterfall at the end of the trail | Shale

This week in pictures

The view down the basin from a rock slide

This week in pictures This week in pictures
Mica in the rocks | The pool above Ebner Falls

This week in pictures
End of the trail (the bridge was out)

This week in pictures This week in pictures
View from my mom’s house of downtown Juneau | Rearranging the kitchen! Our big home project this week

This week in pictures This week in pictures
Whale Watching! The day was grey but still beautiful | Out on the water

This week in pictures
We saw some amazing things, the whales were so playful and we saw them bubble net feeding, tail lobbing, and even two breaching whales right next to our boat! Unfortunately this is the best photo I snapped, but I was looking with my eye more than photographing anything.

This week in pictures This week in pictures
The different flukes of the whales commonly seen in Juneau | Post whale watching beer tasting & tour at the Alaskan Beer Company

This week in pictures
Bedtime writing. We’ve been reading some of my childhood picture books as bedtime books too, so far we’ve read Space Case and Fog.

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4 thoughts on “Little hometown adventures: Hiking, whale watching, beer tasting (aka this week in pictures)”

  1. Amy says:

    So I’ve been following you for a while but not super-religiously, and at this point I don’t even remember where I originally heard about you. I think it was from some kind of feminist or sex-positive website. But I just saw this and I had no idea you were from Juneau??? That’s where I’m from!! Did you grow up there? I’m so confused!

    1. Sinclair says:

      Hi Amy, yeah I did grow up here. I graduated in ’96 and have visited but haven’t lived here since, I’m home for about a month visiting and helping my mom. Did you go to the pride picnic today?

  2. Tracy says:

    Fantastic pics, S!

    Reminds this Aussie girl of my time in upstate NY (minus the whales, of course- hehe).

    Nevermind the hair product- you look relaxed & happy- that’s the important thing. Rife, too.

    What’s happening at Mom’s place with the reno/rearranging?


  3. Ash says:

    I love these photos! Thank you so much for sharing moments of your journey with us.

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