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Protected: The fields of wildflowers were stunning. (aka This week in photos part two)

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... when we left our hero, they were just about to suit up with xtra tuf boots and go for... more

Mostly? The beach (aka this week in pictures)

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Gold Rush Days! The loggers and miners competition  Kids playing in the dirt pile | Log rolling competitionIt's been gorgeous... more

Some poetry performance videos at the Northern Exposure kink conference

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At the Northern Exposure kink conference in Anchorage earlier this month, Sarha, our 2013 IMsL and one of the producers... more

Dominance & Power with Responsibility

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As I've been exploring deeper into power theory, like D/s and M/s, and as I've been trying to understand how... more

Little hometown adventures: Hiking, whale watching, beer tasting (aka this week in pictures)

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From last week—false outer point beach in Douglas. My phone was dead, so this shot is what rife took. My... more

Summer Internship Opportunity with Mr. Sexsmith

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Finally! I've been working a lot on my management skills lately, and one of the reasons behind learning that skill... more

Curfew, the special smut sponsor story

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In early May, I posted a request for donations to help me get on my feet and keep me writing,... more

BUTCH Voices Call for Proposals due in two days!

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From the BV press release:BUTCH Voices third national conference has extended our call for proposals to June 21st, 2013. We... more

The first week in Juneau and the Northern Exposure kink conference in Anchorage (aka this week in pictures)

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I'm behind on the pictures post this week evacuee the Northern Exposure conference took up all of my weekend, and... more

Northern Exposure Kink Conference in Anchorage, AK! And: Judging the International Ms. Leather Contest

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I'm catching a plane tomorrow for Anchorage, where the third annual Northern Exposure kink conference will be taking place.NE... more