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Protected: Exciting things from last week! and also, ALASKA OR BUST!

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Just as I'm starting to really feel like I live here, navigating more and more without a map, being able... more

Protected: On Stabilizing and Transformation

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I can't believe the month of May is almost over. I've been in the Bay Area for two months (with... more

Writing your story is “an investment in one’s self,” and more from Amber Dawn

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I published a note about me & Amber Dawn reading some poetry this week earlier today, but I forgot that... more

“How Poetry Saved My Life” Reading with Amber Dawn (& me!) on Wednesday in SF

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I'm reading as a special guest for Amber Dawn's San Francisco book release party for How Poetry Saved My Life:... more

Protected: Stardust and Sunshine, Sundust and Starshine

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This is my last week in the San Francisco Bay Area before heading north for about six weeks. I'll be... more

Exploring Gender Through Photos: The new headshots by Meg Allen

05/17/2013  |  10 Comments

I had some new headshots taken, with the aim to actually capture some joy and pleasure and fun, instead of... more

Transformational experiences and why I’m not in New York this weekend

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So, I put this big call for support out there, and you responded—you responded! Thank you! My paypal account is... more

Whatever I tell you to do

05/13/2013  |  3 Comments

Before the door is even all the way open, I'm on you, slamming your upper back against the wall in... more

More dirty things than you can read in one sitting

05/10/2013  |  1 Comment

Alright, so they're not all dirty. But many of them are very dirty. Definitely R rated, sometimes NC-17.Remember back... more

“Let Them:” A Request To Help Keep Me Writing

05/10/2013  |  11 Comments

TL;DR version: This is a request for financial help. Donate some cash to me, if you can, to keep enabling... more