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Power Blow Job Demo with Me & Kristen at Submit on Saturday Night in Brooklyn

09/28/2012  |  4 Comments

Have you ever been to the Submit play party? It's a women and trans only play party monthly in Brooklyn... more

Unholy Harvest, Say Please Reading (Readers Needed!), & Bad Boys in Toronto

09/25/2012  |  No Comments

I'm going to Toronto!I'm still working out the exact dates, but it looks like Kristen and I will be... more

Gaga Feminism Giveaway Winner

09/25/2012  |  No Comments

Thanks for all the great book recommendations and thoughts in the Gaga Feminism interview blog tour thread, folks.Someone... more

Gaga Feminism Giveaway! And Q&A with Jack Halberstam

09/19/2012  |  33 Comments

I—like, I suspect, many of you—was first introduced to Jack Halberstam's work in college, where I read Female Masculinity in... more

Protected: Love Letter #26

09/13/2012  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Dear Kristen,You come in to Summer Camp tomorrow, and I think we're both getting nervous. I talked to you earlier... more

Protected: Love Letter #25

09/11/2012  |  Enter your password to view comments.

Dear Kristen,I arrived at Summer Camp yesterday, a few days early, to spend a couple days with Rife before you... more

Kink-Centered Photo Shoot by Bill Wadman

09/07/2012  |  4 Comments

Photographer Bill Wadman has taken numerous shots of me in the last few years. Most recently and notably, he took... more

Dirty Filthy Nasty

09/03/2012  |  14 Comments

This story contains Daddy/girl language, rough sex, and lots of body fluids. This has been your trigger warning."Will you pause... more

Beauty and the BUTCH: BUTCH Voices Benefit in San Francisco

09/01/2012  |  No Comments

Oh, San Francisco.Why you gotta be so cool? I am having trouble enough keeping our relationship long-distance. And now,... more