Kristen & Sinclair Answer Your Questions – Episode 1: “I Want To Be Taken”

May 29, 2012  |  advice

So Kristen and I have a new experiment …

I’m no longer writing an advice column for acompanythatshallremainnameless, so I have this spreadsheet full of questions (65 of them at the moment) and nowhere to really put the answers. Sometimes I run them by Kristen before I write about them, or just to spark casual conversation, and we have fun bantering about the advice that we’d give. So at one point we thought, hey, what if we do a little video recording of these?

In this episode: Emma asks, “I’ve just started dating someone new, and at the same time I am figuring out that I might be submissive. How do I let her know that I want to be, well, taken? Thanks.”

References from the video:

Mollena Williams
The Topping Book & The Bottoming Book (weren’t actually mentioned but I meant to suggest them)
Savage Love

PS: Isn’t Kristen pretty?

PPS: Bonus photo outtake:

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  1. I really loved watching this. I hope that you both continue to do these videos with the questions and answers. It is really fun to see the difference between you both in your energies and to have a glimpse into what you think about various topics. Thank you for filming and hope to see many more!

  2. Ummmmm, you two are ridiculously adorable. Ps the sexual tension between you is palpable. <3

  3. “You have to use your mouth!” It is so true, use your words! This is such a fun idea, and I was just thinking the other day how I would really love to hear more from Kristen. Yay!

  4. Quite aside from the solid advice you guys gave, you are also adorable together and yes, Kristen looks super cute.

  5. Love this! Love you both! Found it very helpful. Look forward to seeing more :)

  6. Oh, the two of you are so adorable! You both have such great energy and it’s awesome to see you interact. Great advice too! I really hope you keep up with this series.

  7. So much fun! And yeah, the video was adorable, but that outtake photo may be the most frickin’ adorable thing ever.

  8. yay! more please! it was great to finally put voices to the face/es! seeing you two interact was awesome too!

  9. Ha – you two are way adorable. You could read the phone book together and have fans watch that. I’m just sayin. Also, how are you so freakin’ young? I say, grabbing my cane and my black knee socks as I hobble out to grab the paper and yell at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn. Haha


    also, shit. is that why my mom used to always leave advice column newspaper clippings on my bedside table? sheesh.

  11. oh and also, please do more of these.

  12. i used the “hey i read sugarbutch” tactic and it worked super well =D


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