Order a Signed Copy of Say Please

Now that Say Please is officially out in the world, and you know that you can get your copy from many different places, you might be asking, how do I get a signed copy?

You’ll have to get that directly from me, I think, considering I haven’t exactly signed a backstock of them for Barnes & Noble (yet).

So here’s the info. The books are $15 and flat rate US shipping is $4, so $19 will get you a signed book anywhere in the US. If you’d like two books to the same address, save the shipping and I’ll send ’em for $30. Outside the US, shipping is a bit more, so that total is $23.

When you pull down the option you want it’ll give you an option to “add a message to the seller”—that’s where you put the inscription you’d like, if you want me to make it out to someone in particular, or say something special (like “thanks for last night” … ).

If you’ve already purchased a copy of the book, I can send you a Say Please postcard that I’ve signed if you’d like to use it as a bookmark, or a bookplate that you can paste into your copy. Email me, mrsexsmith (at) gmail.com.

Of course, you can always attend one of the in person release party events and get your copy signed there!


4 thoughts on “Order a Signed Copy of Say Please”

  1. loveletterlover says:

    I miss the love letters every friday! are they coming back?

    1. Sinclair says:

      I miss them too! yes. they are coming back.

  2. MakingSpace says:

    Just finished reading the book – loved it! Thanks so much!

  3. tuesday says:

    I just ordered but i didn’t see a message option, I’d love to have it signed though :)

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