The Hanky Flower: Femme Flagging

October 26, 2011  |  reviews

Photographer Shilo McCabe, who took some photos of me while I was visiting the Bay Area in August, also makes hanky flowers—and they are available on Etsy:

“An answer to the question that plagues the flagging femme: How does one creatively flag without back pockets on your outfit (or without an outfit on at all)? How about a hanky flower in your hair, belt, boot, or anywhere else you can think of? Wear it on the right or left to show your colors!”

So of course, I ordered one for Kristen.

I decided hunter green wouldn’t quite look right as a flower, so I went for light pink. (Don’t know the color codes? Look ‘em up. I’m sure you can find a few that would suit your interests.)

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but they look great. Kristen gets a lot of compliments on hers when she wears it. Shilo also just mentioned to me that she will be putting up a smaller size, so keep an eye for those in her Etsy store soon.

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  1. Combining form and function beautifully and cleverly. Approve!

  2. I LOVE my flagging flowers! I, too, have gotten a ton of compliments on mine. I have one for my right (light pink flower/black leaf) and one for my left (black flower, mint green leaf)– and they actually come with a pin attached, too, so you can wear them as a brooch instead of in your hair (it’s how I usually flag both sides at once, one in my hair and one on my outfit). They are so lovely and so well-made and have basically solved all the flagging problems I had been having for years!

    I can’t wait to get a small one– I’ll need a light blue one that can migrate to either side ;)

  3. I must order another! My flower arrived perhaps a month ago and I utterly adore it. I ordered a Hunter Green flower with light blue leaf, a deliberate reversal and it looks fantastic. A perfect way to flag whilst Femme :)

  4. Adorable! I doubt it would be comfy for me, since I tend to get twitchy about things on my head/behind my ears, but I love the statement.

    Also, it upsets me that there’s no flag color for humiliation play. At least that I know of…

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