Review: Salacious Magazine #2, Voyeurism

October 5, 2011  |  reviews

The second issue of Salacious, a queer feminist sex magazine that sports “radically sex-positive thought-provoking super-hot porn,” is just as delicious as the first issue—and then some. The format is just a slight bit smaller, but—that’s not true, it’s just the same size, though for some reason as soon as it came I thought it was smaller. I guess the first one was just so bountiful I thought it was bigger than it really is— the beautiful color images don’t lose their luster. I love that they have incorporated illustrations and stories into their content, and I’m sure that’s at least in part because KD Diamond, one of the folks at the helm, is a visual artist, and her illustrations are some of my favorites in the whole magazine.

Issue #3 is due out soon, but you can still get #2, which focuses on the theme of Voyeurism, online or in stores.

Salacious issue #2, Voyeurism, was sent to me from Salacious to review. Thanks!

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  1. Salacious #2 is a great collection, I agree. #3 is actually delayed a bit, the original theme, Sci Fi, didn’t generate enough material (I’m hoping they can come back to it, I submitted a story I’m pretty happy with). The new #3 theme is Leather and submissions are due in November.

  2. I’m definitely a Salacious fan and hope to have more work included in the future.

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