Review: I’ll Show You Mine (Book)

September 2, 2011  |  reviews

I’ll Show You Mine edited by Wrenna Robertson is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book that came out in February 2011 from Show Off Books. It features 120 photographs of 60 women’s genitals, and accompanying each woman’s photos is text written by the woman, detailing her challenges and/or successes as pertains to her relationship with her genitals. According to the website, there are two trans women included in the book (Ashley and Emily), and the book’s introduction says that the range of age is from 19 to 60. I notice a lot of piercings—more than I thought would be included—and that the majority of those photographed seem to be partially shaved or at least heavily trimmed, but there are some very full hairy bushes in there too.

It’s quite a beautiful book. I’m looking forward to bringing it to workshops and having it there for people to leaf through. Thank you, Show Off Books.


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  1. Hey there,
    This is a totally unrelated comment, but I have the password and seem to have lost it. I’d like to read your protected post, but alas, I can’t remember. Something about a tree?


  2. I think this is terrific! I also loved the plaster molds that you posted somewhere 100 years ago. I find it so mysterious and beautiful and empowering and sexy to see a lineup of our humble humanity in bright light.

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