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July 6, 2011  |  miscellany

Greetings from my hometown in Alaska!

Kristen and I have been here since the 2nd and are leaving tomorrow for some adventures in Seattle for a few more days before we head back east. It’s been a busy trip, my dad turned 60 and we’ve had quite a few memorable nights and wonderful meals with him. 

I have been having a fantastic time. I’ve been on Twitter a bit, sometimes sharing some photos from the trip, so you can follow me there while I’m away. I have a few more things to share with you, but meanwhile, here are a few shots of my hometown. 

I’ll be back in New York next week.

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  1. such a gorgeous landscape! i’ve been dreaming about alaska since i can remember. i’ll make it up there one day… thanks for posting photos!

  2. Beautiful. I’m glad you get to be there (and I’m envious). Is that last photo at Eaglecrest? Also shoutout to Alaskan femmes! Way to go Kristen :-)

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