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Events in January

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Yes, I'm still on retreat. But there are a few important announcements that I have to tell you, events that... more

S. Bear Bergman: Mini-Interview

01/07/2011  |  1 Comment

Butch was the first way I ever really felt seen, or desired. Butch is how I was recognized, and it's how I was made. I love many of the ways of butchness, and even the ones I really do not love I can at least understand. The part of me that is a butch - not a butch lesbian or a butch woman but a butch as its own whole and true thing - is both the toughest and the tenderest part.more

So Brown: Mini-Interview

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"Try to be kind to yourself, try not to self-destruct. One day you will have a really beautiful life, and you'll be able to write awesome songs about all the hard years along the way, and you will have an important place in the world surrounded by lots of people who love you."more

Anniversary Sale at Cocksexual

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To celebrate Furry Girl's 8th year creating porn online, she's doing a special: get a month for $8 for the... more