Second Anniversary

Yesterday marked two years together with Kristen. You can read all about our first date, if you wan

t to, since I used to write up everything, and since that night was particularly notable and so hot.

This was my gift to her, yesterday. I’ll post a shot of what she got me later.

It’s a garter flask. And if you promise not to tell Kristen, I’ll tell you that it came from You-Nique Garters on Etsy and they come in lots of colors.

7 thoughts on “Second Anniversary”

  1. Gold says:

    That’s just… amazing. I hope you two had an awesome day (and night ;) )

  2. Sarah says:

    happy 2 years to both of you! i am loving (ok, WANTING!) the garter flask.

  3. Julia says:

    So good for the two of you! And gorgeous gifts both of them.

  4. Femme Styles says:

    So incredibly hot (and useful)! Congratulations!

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