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Tight Places: A Drop of Color Twitter Porn Party & Giveaway

09/03/2010  |  18 Comments

Garnet Joyce & I are hosting another Porn Party over on Twitter next week, September 8th, Wednesday, at 6pm PST... more

Countdown to the Butch Voices NYC Conference: 3 Weeks

09/03/2010  |  3 Comments

The Butch Voices Regional Conference in New York City (and then in Portland and LA) is coming up in just... more

What’s Happening in September

09/03/2010  |  3 Comments

Events! Oh there are many. I'm busy in September. I'm going to try a new format and give you a... more

Upon Return & Porn Party

09/01/2010  |  No Comments

I've returned from the New Mexico desert! It's a bit surreal to be back, I'm still longing for the hot... more