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My Ultimate Masturbation Toys

05/19/2010  |  9 Comments

Since it is National Masturbation Month and all, and while I'm not participating in the Masturbate-a-Thon or creating my own... more

“You Move Me,” A New Butch Buddy Movie

05/18/2010  |  2 Comments

So ... remember The L Word Serenade, the L Word rap that Rebecca Drysdale did a bit more than a... more

Morning Bondage (Review: Scalloped Cuffs & Snap Hooks)

05/17/2010  |  1 Comment

I woke early the other day, with that familiar urge to hold and protect and control Kristen, maybe it's the... more

May is National Masturbation Month

05/13/2010  |  2 Comments

I don't even know what to add to this ... I've never participated, as someone who took pledges, though... more

Bulldyke Chronicles guest hosted by Famous Lesbian Comedy Roadshow* Saturday in NYC

05/13/2010  |  No Comments

The Famous Lesbian Comedy Roadshow* is doing a fundraiser at Bulldyke Chronicles this Saturday, guest hosting the show, and I'm... more

Review: Jimmyjane Massage Stone

05/13/2010  |  No Comments

I jumped at the chance to review a Jimmyjane massage stone from Babeland. It might seem a little cheesy, an... more

Quick Anal Interview: YOU!

05/12/2010  |  3 Comments

Okay folks, Anal Week is coming to a close, you've had a chance to read Quick Anal Interviews with Dylan... more

Quick Anal Interview: Erudite Hayseed

05/11/2010  |  No Comments

This is the last of the Quick Anal Interviews! Anal Week is coming to a close ... just one more... more

Kristen’s Birthday Project: Aaaaand GO!

05/11/2010  |  No Comments

Kristen's birthday is next week, but we'll be in Seattle, in part to celebrate her birthday (I think we'll be... more

Hey Seattle: See You Soon! Sex 2.0 Next Weekend

05/11/2010  |  No Comments

I'm heading back to Seattle next weekend, May 22-23, for the Sex 2.0 Conference!I'll be presenting a workshop on Yes,... more