Guy Named Joe

September 4, 2009  |  miscellany

Because that piece I published earlier this week broke through some things, I’m apparently posting like crazy. So here’s a lovely video by the folk duo Coyote Grace, featuring (self-identified) butch trans guy guitar player Joe Stevens (and #96, with his permission) and femme bass player Ingrid Elizabeth.

Voila, Guy Named Joe.

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  1. Fun fact: Coyote Grace is on tour. They're passing through the west coast right now, and are then meandering eastwards.

  2. I saw them perform here in phoenix a few years ago and it was love at first listen – the whole CD is just amazing. love. love. love them.

  3. well boy howdy WELCOME BACK sinclair sexsmith! i didn't even realize how much i was missing reading your latest with my morning tea on a regular basis.

  4. Very nice. Thanks for introducing me to this duo's music.

  5. WHOA that song's awesome. I love "Daughterson", too.

  6. Thanks! Great music and I'll be buying the discs. (#96 might be a little low in my humble opinion)


  1. Daughterson « genderkid

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