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Blowfish Giveaway: Two DVDs

08/27/2009  |  76 Comments

Blowfish is simply "good products for great sex," and they are the producers of some of the best queer porn... more

Protected: Untitled

08/24/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

What happens when you realize everything you’ve built 
only amounts to a house of cards? But that is your only building material... more

How Does it Feel to be Gay?

08/21/2009  |  3 Comments

I ran across this on Queers United a while back, and it's stuck with me. (There's an approximate transcript in... more

Olivia Cruise Contest through Good Vibes

08/18/2009  |  No Comments

Good Vibrations is teaming up with Olivia Cruises to offer a free Trip for Two on their Halloween Cruise.Olivia and... more

The L Word Season Six: well, at least it’s over

08/18/2009  |  10 Comments

Damn you, L Word. After five seasons of drama, awful writing, inconsistent characters, offensive gender stereotypes, horrible treatment of trans... more

Review: Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels (DVD)

08/17/2009  |  3 Comments

This was absolutely the first butch/femme porn I ever saw, and it blew my mind. I had a VHS version... more

My Evolving Masculinity: Part One, Introduction

08/06/2009  |  13 Comments

Gender evolves and changes and shifts over time; what’s true for me today might not be true tomorrow, and the... more

New film out soon: Steam

08/06/2009  |  2 Comments

I haven't seen this yet, but the DVD is coming out from Wolfe Films on September 29th, 2009, and I'm... more

Sugasm #170: Sugarbutch Star in the top 3!

08/05/2009  |  1 Comment

Sugasm highlights the top pieces on sexblogs by the bloggers who blog them.This Week’s Picks:The fundamental things apply… “If you... more

You Are Never Ready

08/05/2009  |  5 Comments

Thanks to Alisha for introducing me to this piece of poetry by Nicole Blackman; it is precisely what I needed.... more