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Review: Randy, The New Big Cock

06/30/2009  |  6 Comments

I had to change o-rings for this one. Thick and dense and contoured and completely stiff, unlike the squeezable Bandit... more

Consider it “The Sugarbutch Hot 100″

06/26/2009  |  25 Comments

So, now that the trans discussion is calming down a little bit, I'm starting to get a slew of feedback... more

A few finer points of the Top Hot Butches list

06/25/2009  |  4 Comments

I've heard from Ian Harvie, Silas Howard, Ivan Coyote, and Bear Bergman (who sent me an updated headshot - refresh... more

On Removing Trans Men from the Top Hot Butches List

06/25/2009  |  61 Comments

So here’s the thing about the internet: the critical feedback is immediate, and publications are, unlike print, not static. Things... more

Butches & Trans Guys

06/23/2009  |  25 Comments

I know what butch is. Butches are not beginner FTMs, except that sometimes they are, but it’s not a continuum... more

Top Hot Butches 2009 – official launch!

06/22/2009  |  19 Comments is live!Here it is, folks - the project we've been talking up on twitter for weeks now: Top Hot... more

Pioneers, Visionaries, Safe Havens, and Glitter

06/19/2009  |  No Comments

My article on the 2009 Lambda Literary Awards is up on CarnalNation, and I'm proud of it. I loved going... more

100 Top Hot Butches 2009: on Monday!

06/19/2009  |  5 Comments

FINALLY the Top Hot Butches project is coming together. I'm about 98% done and it is being fine-tuned this weekend... more

A Thousand Kisses

06/19/2009  |  3 Comments

I mentioned that last weekend marked six months that Kristen and I have been together ... one of the things... more

Some other announcements

06/16/2009  |  2 Comments

A little bit of a round-up post about things that you might be interested in ... though I've been a... more