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Review: Bandit

Review: Bandit

05/20/2009  |  3 Comments

I'm pulling from my cock-review structure to give you the low-down on the Bandit, a Vixskin silicone strap-on cock.Shape: Immediately, the... more

Protected: Tee Shirt

05/19/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

The week we didn’t talk, I left my favorite black tee shirt at your house. It is worn down, so... more

Sugasm #165: All Five Senses in the top 3!

05/14/2009  |  1 Comment

This Week’s PicksBlame it on the al-al al-al al-al-co-hol “My legs were now spread and he was in between them.” Dinner and... more

F*cking with Gender: a workshop in Chicago

05/13/2009  |  4 Comments

I'll be in Chicago next week on Tuesday night for a workshop with Northwestern University. If you'd like to join... more

Poll: What do you think about labels?

05/12/2009  |  37 Comments

You might want to vote in the poll before you read me yammer on about my own thoughts on labels... more

Personal favorites, and more answers

05/12/2009  |  3 Comments

More answers to questions (from bzzzzgrrrl of City Mouse Country).What’s your favorite bit of smut you’ve written in the last... more

Protected: Becoming more myself

05/11/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I try not to watch her ass as she walks up the stairs in front of me. I watch her... more

Sadism, and the Study of Pain

05/07/2009  |  9 Comments

i have noticed elsewhere online that you have added ’sadistic’ to your lineup of adjectives. i was very interested in... more

Sugasm #164: Slutty little girl.

05/06/2009  |  No Comments

This Week’s Picks Confessional: Breaking the Girl “And that’s why I’ll love it, that’s what will fuel me to dig deeper.” Does Art... more

Let’s Get Gay Married!

05/06/2009  |  6 Comments

I've been wanting to write a post about the changes in gay marriage legistlation that have been happening in the... more