Femmethology Giveaway …. Winner!

Aaaaand the envelope please:

The winner is …. Miss Ida! Comment #3.

Congrats! You’ll receive a signed copy of Visible: A Femmethology Volume Two, which includes my essay Love Letter to Femmes, as well as another book of your choice. What’ll it be, hmmm? Visible: A Femmethology Volume One? Best Lesbian Erotica 2009? Secret Slaves: Erotic Stories of Bondage (The Fetish Chest)?

Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Femmethology Giveaway …. Winner!”

  1. Miss Ida says:

    Why thank you so very much Mr. Sexsmith.

  2. Miss Ida says:

    And for all the inquiring minds I choose Femmethology Vol 1 & 2! What a great collection!

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