1. I love the way femmes get to be so shockingly subversive. People don't look at them and expect the amazing, radical women they are underneath. I love the way they change people's perception of what a dyke looks like:)

  2. just one thing? but i love *everything* about them. ok. i love the way they smell. there, i said it.

  3. What don't I love about femmes?

    I love how strong we are in the face of adversity and how we pull together and support our community!

  4. i love how we are constantly fucking with the worlds perception of queer and we do it with style.

  5. an addition to the tour:

    4/26. Weldable Cookies

    Thanks for kicking this off!

    Oh, and my comment is so disqualified.

  6. What do I love? Too much! So I'll just stick to one comment.

    I love the simultaneous soft/hard persona that femmes carry. They can be crass and brazen, while also sweet and sensitive. The best parts of femininity, I believe :)

  7. I love how a femme can push me up against a wall and pin me there just by looking at me in "that way."

  8. I love how femmes free femininity from its associations with weakness, softness, even pathetic-ness and vapidity. I love that realizing this has allowed me to own my femininity and call myself a femme!

  9. I love how carefully and thoughtfully Femmes construct their gender. Femmes have their own specific gender presentation that is individual and personal like a fingerprint and is as memorable as a first kiss or a slap.

  10. We think you're fabulous, too!

    Thanks for kicking off the tour and for being part of the Femmethologies.

  11. i love the way femme invisibility keeps me looking – watching out for a moment when, perhaps, we will recognize each other. or simply daydreaming about what strangers i run across in my daily life may identify as femme.

  12. I love how femmes of all shapes, sizes and colors will daily bust open the restrictions of femininity shouting, "we deserve to be called by this name too."

  13. Thank you for being part of Femmethology. I'm thrilled that you're hosting.

  14. what i love about femmes (sorry, its three things): i love our resilience, our creativity and how we plain get. shit. done.

  15. I love Femmes because of their confidence. They give off an allure of sexiness and beauty. :]

  16. i love the ways all femmes are fierce, regardless. even if another version of femme doesn't fit my aesthetic, even if i dislike a femme on a personal level, even if we have nothing in common–that bitch is fierce. i respect and adore that about every one of us.

  17. I love the way femmes know while choosing the path of least resistance may ensure their personal safety, choosing another path will likely protect their integrity, and subsequently choose the correct path.

  18. Everything, but if I have to pick one that hasn't already been said, even though it doesn't apply to all femmes, it's that we can play dress-up and make it's queer as hell. So excited to see this book!

  19. I love how we femmes constantly defy definition and categorization. We are unified by our femme identity, but in every other aspect of our lives we are a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes–sometimes with a flashy shower of sparkles! We reflect and refract off of one another, propelling ourselves together and apart with ever increasing intensity. And our intensity is a force to be reckoned with! We will take you apart and put you back together with just our eyes in ten seconds flat if we so choose.

    I suppose that's more than one thing…But hearing other people value femmes is pretty new to me, so I have a lot to say. Sinclair, you always make my day better! <3 !

  20. I used to hide myself not wanting to be seen. I love how by embracing my femme identity I have taken back my femininity and been able to redefine it for myself. Whether it's heels or sneakers or hiking heels I am a femme-nist because I embrace my culture and gender on my terms. I am a femme warrior because not only do I fight for my visibility on the daily I use whatever priveledges I have to fight or the dignity & right for all of my beloved queers to be who they be.

  21. the fierceness

    the passion

    the queerness

    heels or chucks or birks or boots.

    skirts or jeans or a-lines or garters.

    lipstick or chapstick.

    gardening or football or theater.

    whiskey or cosmos.

    the parts of every kind of femme that has paved the way for thousands of kinds of femmes after them.

  22. I love femmes because they are such a beautiful expression of a type of ideal womanhood that I find fascinating. I love how so many are incredibly strong and courageous, even though they look delicate. They're so surprising!

  23. I love how femmes make me feel more gender-bent every time I meet one of them.

  24. this is more abstract than the others but i looooooove the sound of a femme's high heels on wooden floors. it announces their arrival in such a powerful way that's comparable to a tigress growl :)

  25. shoes, baby. shoes and lipstick :-)

  26. I love femmes because they're strong yet oh so beautiful!

  27. I love me some femmes because I like finding glitter stuck to my face and appreciate wrist flicking. I like high tones that express affection and really tight jeans.


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