From both this weekend and last.
Isn’t she good for sending me photos this time?
I think she’ll be rewarded for that, later.

6 thoughts on “Bruises”

  1. lady brett says:

    how lovely. mine are fading, but i love bruises. and i love the way bite marks look like kisses when they start to fade out (is it the kinky toppy version of lipstick on your collar?)

  2. aisforalisha says:

    she's not the only one!


    they're lovely.

  3. Jen says:

    They really are lovely.

  4. redvelvetfemme says:

    NICE! meow.

  5. Deviant Dyke says:

    So nice! Makes me only ponder how they appeared…… *smiles*

  6. blckndblue says:

    really, really beautiful.

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