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Announcements: Three New Projects

03/17/2009  |  6 Comments

I've got three new projects brewing, and they're finally all just about ready for public launch.One: The ToySwap NetworkThe idea... more

Pumping: How to Grow a Dick

03/11/2009  |  8 Comments

Pumping is most well-known, probably, for endless spam emails: Make her feel your Wang! Make Your Meat-Stick Massive! Give Her Real Lovefest! Turns out, the more you engorge your cis-cock with blood, the bigger it becomes. Similar to working a muscle, I suppose - this is the way you work that particular muscle.And about two years ago now I heard from a friend that clit pumping was all the rage at a particular trans conference they had attended. Reeeeeally, I asked. How does that work?more

Cock Confidence and the KinkForAll Conference

03/11/2009  |  4 Comments

I did my own presentation as well, and at the last minute called it COCK CONFIDENCE in a butch/femme context. I had some notes, but was also not feeling very well, and twenty minutes goes by so fast!, so I had a lot more to say about the subject that I didn't get to. Here goes.more

A Resplendent Image

03/06/2009  |  10 Comments

Some days just the memory of her is enough to drive me wild.I've been holding on to the image of... more

Butch/femme in various cities

03/06/2009  |  38 Comments

I got an email recently from a femme looking to relocate, but not sure where yet she's going to go.... more

Pleasurists #18

03/05/2009  |  No Comments

I don't usually submit to Pleasurists - I don't really consider myself a toy reviewer in the way that others... more

Editor’s Pick of Sugasm #160

03/05/2009  |  No Comments

This Week’s PicksHe beats me “I bite my lip in anticipation as I follow his direction.” Jerking Off: You’re doing it wrong! “However,... more

On Butches: Coming Inside

03/05/2009  |  20 Comments

The truth is, it's embarrassing, really, to come while strapped on and fucking. The amount I have to let go and risk is sometimes too much for my heart to open up.It isn't fair to say that she doesn't have to do the same amount of risk and letting go when I throw her down onto the bed, shove my hand between her legs, push my fingers inside until she's screaming and thrashing under my forearm holding her down.But it's different, isn't it? more

Protected: Great Doubt, Great Awakening

03/04/2009  |  Enter your password to view comments.

This is all I'm doing right now: studying how to be in relationships.Yeah, I go to work, I design bar charts and pie graphs and match colors and fonts. I work on this website and my other projects like Queer Eye Candy. I spend time with my roommate and my sister and my friends and the girl I am courting.But under it all, I am learning. I am studying. more

Feminists & Porn

03/04/2009  |  2 Comments

Are you bored at work? Do you love taking surveys? Do you think research about feminism & porn is important?Cool, glad we cleared that up.So: go take this survey about feminists' use of porn.more