Butch women celebrating their Inner Princesses

Inner Princess, three butch women celebrating their inner princesses, is playing a show on December 11 at Sugarland in Brooklyn with Bitch and some other folks. myspace.com/innerprincess or innerprincessmusic.com for clips, photos, and more information.

Inner Princess
Thursday, December 11
8:00 at Sugarland
221 N. 9th St., Brooklyn, New York 11211
Cost: sliding scale

Photos borrowed from innerprincessmusic.com. Thanks to M for sending on the concert information!

2 thoughts on “Butch women celebrating their Inner Princesses”

  1. Dharma Kelleher says:

    I am so loving that. If I only lived in NY. Every once in a great while, we have to let that little bit of fem show. Just to keep 'em guessing.

  2. the femme top says:

    I want a butch pillow princess. sigh.

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