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November 11, 2008  |  reviews

I didn’t mention this in yesterday’s post about the New York City Sex Blogger Calendar and should have – the sex toy company Njoy was single-handedly responsible for the printing of the calendar, and we owe them big big BIG thanks.

They have been so courteous and giving through this project, and really a pleasure to work with. They clearly support Sex Worker Awareness – which is where ALL the money from the calendar is going, didn’t I mention that? – and they have also given us some wonderful raffle prizes to give away.

I’m sorry, but have you ever actually used one of the Njoy products? SOLID STAINLESS STEEL. Can you imagine how goddamn hot they are? I know the price tag is really high – really high – but they are freakin’ amazing. Smooth and sooo heavy.

I haven’t tried the Eleven yet – that’s it in the diagram above. Did you catch the part about how it’s 11″ long, and 2″ at one end? That fucker is HUGE. I mean 11″ is almost a foot, almost the size of a standard ruler or your forearm. And it weighs almost three pounds. THREE POUNDS.

And I believe we’re giving one of them away in the raffle on Friday night. You better believe I’m going to be buying up those raffle tickets.

Thank you, Njoy, for sponsoring the calendar, and for making such high-quality toys.

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  1. Not if i win it first! I'm saving up just for those raffled tickets for the Njoy…doing special meditations and sending positive sexual vibes for the win! muhahahahahah giggles

  2. Nuh-uhhhh!!! I'm buying up raffle tickets AND doing a special NjoyElevenPleaseLetMeWin Dance!

  3. I would do ANYTHING to win….whispers…anything LOL

  4. Uh. So sad I am not going to win that. Damn. I fucking LOVE njoy.

  5. Now I'm even sadder to be missing this party by a mere 24 hours :(

  6. 11 inches… am I the only one who thinks "ouch"? …I feel so inexperienced. :(

  7. @Screaming Lemur. No, you're not the only one who thinks "ouch." :)

  8. I won! I won! *sticking tongue out* And what a gracious winner I am, right? Too bad the Perfect Eleven is just sitting on my table acting as "modern art." At least, that's what I am telling people when they mention there's a giant, foot-long solid-steel dick on my table. Huh? What? It's art, people!

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