Your very own L Word Season 5 Box Set

8 Against 8 is over! We raised more than $13,000 to oppose Proposition 8 in California.

Thank you, everyone, for the comments and support and re-posting the media I was posting, for sharing posts, for driving traffic, and of course for donating.

I overdid it, really. I’m so sick of gay marriage anything. But here’s hoping that even just one of the things I posted resonated with one person out there, and made some sort of difference. I will still be posting a few political things between now and the US election (Tuesday! November 4th! FUCKING VOTE, PEOPLE!), but it will be back at my regular one-post-a-day schedule. And there will be smut. Promise.

And now for something completely different:

Like a dozen of my blog neighbors, I was given ten copies of The L Word Season 5 to give away to my readers, and they arrived at my place yesterday.

So it’s official. Want a copy?

I kind of love to hate the L Word. I can’t stand watching it. I stopped watching in Season 2 when Shane & Jenny’s roommate set up videocameras in their home, in their bedrooms. Not. Okay. I thought it was a cheap ploy for drama, and a cheap ploy for male viewers to be able to insert themselves into the lesbian action. Hey, if you’ve got other explanations for why this plotline was used, I’d be curious to hear them, but that’s my take – and it was enough for me to stop watching for nearly three seasons.

I caught up last year with seasons 2-4 so I could watch Season 5, and I was able to distance myself from it enough to occasionally enjoy it (oh, Alice) and consistently critique it (Kit, Shane, the lack of character development, the fucking drama, the constant sex with straight girls, the race, the class, the transphobia, the cliches, the gender issues, UGH).

Still, it’s nice to see lesbians of any kind on TV, isn’t it? It’s nice to hear people use my language and reference my culture and hell, the hot girl sex is not entirely awful.

I can’t say I was entirely disappointed that we’re going into the last season of the L Word. I’m kind of glad it’s over so I can stop watching for purposes of keeping up with the culture. And the spin-off – did I just make up in my head that it’s Alice? I thought it was Alice. But now I can’t find a reference.

SO! Back to the give-away contest:

The L Word returns to DVD with the complete fifth season on Oct. 28th in a collectible 4-disc set. DVD includes all 12 dramatic and deliciously provocative fifth season episodes from Showtime’s successful long-running series featuring all the beauty, chaos and complexities of a group of women who inhabit Los Angeles’ lesbian community plus behind-the-scenes special features.

By entering you agree to give me your address so I can mail you these DVDs. If you’re in the US, I will pay shipping; if you’re outside of it, I’m sorry but you’ll have to cough up the shipping.

Leave a comment in this thread to enter. Here’s what you’re going to include:

  1. Are you registered to vote? (Hint: look it up here.)
  2. Do you know where you are going to go to vote? (Hint: look it up here.)
  3. ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH? or, did you already vote absentee/early? (It is possible that just asking people to vote is actually a good way to get them to vote.)

Sorry for the US-centricity of these questions. If you are not in the US, tell me:

  1. When is YOUR election?
  2. Are you registered to vote?

Winners will be chosen at random by comment number on Friday. Please only enter yourself once. There will be MORE prizes coming!

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84 thoughts on “Your very own L Word Season 5 Box Set”

  1. Darby says:


    Yes. I'm freakishly involved in local elections so I know where half the precincts are in my area.

    I'll be waiting for the 4th. I want to feel the excitement at the polls.

  2. Stephanie Bailey says:

    I’m registered to vote, and am registered as a permanent absentee– so I’ve already voted… Obama and NO on Prop 8 here in California.

  3. Amelia says:

    If I were to say no to any of those questions, I would possibly have to break down crying. So, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

  4. J.D. Bauchery says:

    Yes! I am most certainly going to vote! I am registered and ready to go! I will be voting at the church across the street from my apartment. The one where at the primary, the little old ladies laughed at my 26 year old queer female roommate and told her that little boys weren’t allowed to vote. Yep, that’s where I’m voting! Can’t wait till Nov. 4th!

  5. aisforalisha says:

    I’m not sure if I can play, but if so,
    and yes!!


  6. carys says:

    i'm from norway, and our next general election is september next year. we don't have to register, that happens automatically the year we turn 18. we just bring id and a card that's sent to us the year we can vote, to the polling station.

    in the us i would vote for obama. in norway obama would represent a very conservative party, though. we're really all socialists over here. ;-)

  7. denise says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I did early voting, so yes.

  8. d says:

    yes three times over.

  9. jaleelah says:

    1) yes
    2) Yes
    3) YES (might vote early)

  10. Beautiful Dreamer says:

    Yes, Yes, & I will be voting on November 4th. :)

  11. Bucking Bill says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. On 11-4.

  12. hb says:

    & yes.
    (honestly, i’ve never missed an election.)

  13. Cote says:

    Well, we had to vote last sunday for municipal elections but I suppose you're more interested in knowing when our presidential election is here in Chile. That would be in December 2010. Which is just around the corner and still I don't know who am I going to vote for (yes we already know more or less who will be running for president). ;) I guess that also answers the second question.

  14. Amber says:

    I *am* registered to vote and I know exactly where to go on Tuesday. I’ll vote on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday I’m flying to Kenya for work and will be able to celebrate a Kenyan winning the election with all of Kenya!

  15. Matilda says:

    The next election in the country where I can vote (Sweden), is in 691 days on September 19th 2010. Since we vote every 4th year, this means that we are almost exactly in the middel between two elections these days.

    In Sweden we don't have to register to vote, but if we had to I would gladly do it. To have the right to vote, and to use that right, is indeed very important.

  16. Bettina says:

    1. i am registered.
    2. yes.
    2. already voted!

    thanks :)

  17. Bettina says:

    jesus. i can’t leave a comment without some kind of typo.

    3. i already voted.

  18. Miss Avarice says:

    1. Yes I am registered!

    2. Yes, we vote at a community center down the street on 11/4 or early vote at the library about a mile away.

    3. We've already cast our ballots, hopefully to tip the swing state of Florida in the right direction!

  19. bzzzzgrrrl says:

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes.

  20. Emilie says:

    I’m voting absentee, and I’m just waiting for it to arrive in the mail!

  21. Alison says:

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. voted early, sending it in tomorrow!

  22. alphafemme says:

    1. The first thing I did when I moved to California was register to vote.

    2. I have known whom I was going to vote for since, oh, last election?

    3. I have already voted!

  23. Desci says:

    I was a little cynical of it too, but I think that L-Word plotline can be justified as the turning point for Jenny's character, from being curious about women, then a 'tentative' lesbian, to somewhat of an activist: the speech she gives to the guy kind of polarises her position from where she was in s1.

    After so long putting up with men's shit, and discovering her love of women, it puts her in a completely different place, and I suppose they had to show that?

    Also, maybe they wanted to comment on the whole 'straight men get creepy with femme lesbians' thing.

    Oh, and I'm in Australia; we have to vote here. Which is GOOD, since they make voting very, very easy and convenient (we can place our vote in all manner of ways, even if we're overseas or busy on the Saturday).

    But don't count this as an official entry, I'm holding out for the porn and don't wanna get greedy, hehe.

  24. Lolita Wolf says:

    1. Yes, I have been registered to vote for many years now.
    2. I vote at the school one block away and I always stop at the parents’ bake sale as a little reward …and to support the school, too.
    3. Of course, I will vote on Nov 4. I even voted in the primary.

  25. Ansley says:

    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. I will vote on Tuesday.


  26. Kelly and Lorelei says:

    1. Yes, I'm registered and so is my girlfriend!

    2. Our voting place is a grade school near our house, but we voted early at the Recreation Center at the University of Colorado (where we are poor students and can't afford to buy things like expensive DVD collections!)

    3. Already did it! Hopefully we helped turn Colorado blue for the first time since LBJ was elected. Also hopefully got our super awesome gay candidate for congress, Jared Polis, elected as well!

    We've loved seeing the beautiful pictures of weddings you've had up, too, although we miss the smut, too. And the theory.

  27. Sara says:

    1. YES! (just moved recently, so it was a major concern of mine. but i'm now all set up at my new place!)

    2. YES!

    3. HELL YES! (voted in the primary, too!) and immediately after voting, i'll be driving into the city and having a big election viewing party with friends. i'm thinking of making cookies with the obama logo done in frosting!

  28. tongue-tied says:

    been registered since the day i turned 18

    (my first presidential election: reagan vs. mondale)

    and haven't missed an election since

    hell, yes! i'll be voting tues, nov 4

    if i don't vote before!

  29. Essin' Em says:

    1. Yes Sir! I have been registered LITERALLY since the day I turned 18 (such a nerd).

    2. My voting place is the church by my mother’s house. My early voting place is the Belmar Library. However, I’m signed up for permanent mail in ballots, so I can make sure I take the time to think about ALL of the issues.

    3. No, I’m not GOING to vote…I already have :) Mailed in my ballot 2 days after I got it!

    (PS. F tells me I remind her of Alice…is that a compliment?)

  30. the femme top says:

    yes, yes, yes

    Look at all these girls saying yes to you!

  31. m. says:

    1.Yes (even though my voter reg. card was “lost in the mail” by the Illinois elections people. I got a replacement.

    2. Yes

    3. Hell Yes!!

    PS- I’m a film student and I’m planning on doing some filming at polling places in Chicago on election day, to get reactions and comments from people about Obama and the election in general. I think it will be a blast.

  32. blueinthefaceangel says:

    YES for all three!!I’m so happy this is my first time voting and my mom was so happy I get to vote in the huge election.I turned her to Obama now lets see if I can change her for Gay rights….

  33. Blythe says:



    And absofrigginlutely.

  34. Jamie says:

    Yes I am registered to vote. I have staked out my voting spot already. And I am most definitely voting ON November 4th!

  35. appple says:

    1. have been since the day i turned 18.

    2. the middle school across the street from my apartment, the polls open at 6am, and i'll be in line at 5:55.

    3. hells indubitably, see answer #2.

  36. stargazer says:

    1. yes

    2. yes

    3. already did – absentee – and it was amazing except i didn't get a sticker that said "i voted"!

  37. AGmatsu says:

    Yes :)



    I had to fight for the last month to get the Auditor's office to recognize me as a voter – I was one of the Dems. in WA state to be dropped off the rolls!

  38. Sarah says:

    1) Yes

    2/3) I am going to vote with an absentee ballot because I am away at college. Speaking of which, I need to remember to get that in the mail tomorrow.

  39. Erin Leone says:

    1. yep

    2. yep


    I'm hoping I won't have to move to Canada.

  40. Mossie says:

    1. I registered to vote before I updated my bank account. Very registered, indeedy.

    2. Oregon has mail-in voting, so I’ll vote at my kitchen table and drop the ballot off at a drop-box as trusting the USPS with my precious right to vote seems strange to me. That is not to diss the USPS; I just like having some sort of civic action by taking my ballot to a drop-box.

    3. I’ve made most of my decisions already, but Sunday the 2nd is devoted to making final decisions on the large number of ballot measures on my Portland ballot. I’ll drop off my ballot either 11/2 or 11/3.

  41. Eva says:



    And no, I'm not voting on Nov. 4th because I early voted TODAY at the library in Boynton Beach,FL. Yes, Obama, No on 2.

    Get out there and vote people!

  42. willowfinn says:

    I just moved from Boston to the Bronx in August, and the absolute very first thing I did once I was all moved in was register to vote. My polling place is conveniently right next to my building, huzzah! And I'm taking the next Tuesday off, so I can vote and then volunteer for Obama.

    So to all three questions, a resounding "Yes, ma'am!" :)

  43. Samantha says:

    Yes to all three! And i will be voting on 11/4

  44. Alicia says:

    Yes, Yes and on 11/4!

    GOBAMA! :)

  45. Kitcat says:

    YES, YES, & YES!!! Of friggin' course!!! :o)

  46. karen says:

    i am registered to vote in new york's 7th congressional district and will be voting on west 97th street next tuesday!


  47. L1 says:

    1. Yes!

    2. Yes!

    3. Yes!

    And yes we can! And will. :)

  48. amanda h. says:

    1. YES SIR

    2. I’m registered in the great state of Arkansas

    3. I’ve already voted by absentee ballot :)

  49. kate says:

    1. yes.
    2. yes.
    3. absolutely.

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