L Word Box Set Winners!

Okay folks:

#4 denise
#13 bzzzzgrrrl
#14 Emilie
#27 Miss Avarice
#29, Bevin
#37 Blythe
#63 MsF
#69 Ari
#80 s.c.
#84 jh

You are now the proud owner of the L Word Season 5 Box Set. Email me – aspiringstud (at) gmail.com – your address and I will send it out to you sometime in the next two weeks. If you’re outside of the US, let me know and I’ll figure out how much it’s going to cost to get it to you.


6 thoughts on “L Word Box Set Winners!”

  1. Blythe says:


  2. bzzzzgrrrl says:

    Thank you, Sinclair! The e-mail’s sent.
    Come for the politics, stay for the free DVDs.

  3. Kitcat says:

    Aw, damn. Oh well, you've still got me hooked as hell on your blog. :oP

  4. miss avarice says:

    What! I've never won anything at random in my entire life! And I'm feeling guilty and undeserving of the prize. Now I have to host the pre-L word recap meeting at my house! :P everyone's invited!

  5. Emilie says:

    Thank you! You're swell!

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