8against8: Holden and Femme

October 27, 2008  |  essays, miscellany

Femme is my Gender and Holden from Packing Vocals

Says Femme: “It was August 21st 2004, and getting married? It was (and is) fucking fabulous! The best day EVER. We had a churchful of family and friends cheering us on which was incredibly special. The public statement was infinitely more important than either of us had realised it would be. We would (and will) do it again in a heartbeat. Of course, it would be wonderful to be able to do it legally.”


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Friends with Benefits


  1. What a stunning couple! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it gave me such a huge smile this morning. Beautiful pictures.

  2. you two are just amazing together. clearly so gorgeously happy and in love.

    I adore the pink bridal corset, and the coordinating groom's elements. fabulous! congratulations to you both.

  3. I had the honour of being there and it was an absolutely amazing day. There wasn't a dry eye in the church when they exchanged vows, the whole day was filled with so much love it was incredible. But the best of it was to see two people so in love and so happy. This is what the bigots are actually voting against. QRx

  4. Yay! You two look gorgeous! Love the outfits, especially those workboots…

  5. Thank you for your kind comments everyone, and freedomgirl – yes I love those boots too :-) x

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