8against8: Clare and Jack

October 27, 2008  |  essays, miscellany

Clare & Jack, September 2008.

Says Clare: “I am wearing a vintage dress and hat from the 30’s (note the vintage strappy heels as well ;), my daughter is wearing a vintage dress from the 50’s and Jack in wearing a super-fly new suit (yum!) . We have some domestic partner benefits here, and we creep closer and closer to legalization every year In Washington state, but we are not legal yet. Hopefully it will move up the coast from California.”

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  1. beautiful vintage dress and hair and veil! love it. what a gorgeous couple.

    and oh, what a pretty garden you were married in. I want to live in a house like that someday.

  2. I found the site looking for ideas for wedding make-up. I have also found this site professional make up artist. It has a heap of make up artists on one site, well worth a look.

    I really love the hat!

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