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psst … did you?

09/06/2008  |  2 Comments

Did you vote?

in praise of femmes: the architecture of identity

09/05/2008  |  22 Comments

This is what I learned at the Femme Conference.Oh, the Femme Conference. I have so much to say about what... more

top 100 sex bloggers

09/05/2008  |  10 Comments

Uh ... wow. I am kind of at a loss here. Rori at Between My Sheets emailed out last night... more

femme conference roundup, & links

09/05/2008  |  10 Comments

Now that I am finally putting my thoughts together about the femme conference, here is a small roundup of other... more

Review: Goodfella

09/05/2008  |  No Comments

Yep, it's the Goodfella from Vixen Creation's Vixskin line. I have yet to come across any cock that is superior... more

queer bodies in psychotherapy conference

09/04/2008  |  No Comments

QUEER BODIES IN PSYCHOTHERAPY CONFERENCE for more information. Queer Bodies in Psychotherapy calls attention to queer sexualities, identities, and practices... more

you don’t have to take MY word for it

09/03/2008  |  No Comments

Check out the first flash fiction contest over at - 500 word story with a For Your Nymphomation sex... more

why is leather so damn sexy?

09/03/2008  |  7 Comments

I'm not sure I get it really, why leather turns me on so much, I mean, hell, I was vegan... more

eye candy: the gay prom

09/02/2008  |  19 Comments

I'm getting a PhD in political science, and the time I don't spend actively fucking with gender I'm usually in a coffeeshop.... more

masculinity depictions in Disney films

09/02/2008  |  7 Comments

I ran across this short film about depictions of masculinity in Disney films recently and was interested and impressed. Of... more