BSB: the creation myth

Really? I mean, really?

My story The Creation Myth won the first ever BSB writer’s contest, and I am taking home this fabulous For Your Nymphomation sex toy case which I’ve been coveting ever since Essin’ Em (who has a new URL, by the way) reviewed it a while back. (Also, did you know they also have a rolling suitcase-type of toy trunk? Holy crap, how did I miss this!)

I’m sure this is not the only source of the concept of a professional submissive, but a few months back I heard about this book The Pleasure’s All Mine: Memoir of a Professional Submissive by Joan Kelly, and that’s what came to mind when I was writing this Jackie character. I just started the book, I’ll let you know how it is.

A little taste of my short-short story, The Creation Myth:

“You don’t need to know yet,” she says. “You don’t need it.”

Flattering, but frustrating. I am convinced her case holds the key to some heretofore untapped topping in me. I play the idea of her correcting my technique as I beat her, guiding me as I fuck her, over and over in my mind when I jack off. I imagine this would entice me and enrage me until I lose control a little, unleash, and let her have my all.

Until I surrender to my power.

I’m also particularly fond of the line ““She breaks us like horses,” my friend B whispers loudly after Jackie leaves our table at our usual watering hole. “Ruthless.” “B” is actually the fierce fat femme top Bevin Brandlandingham of The Femme-Cast, and when I submitted the story I had included Bevin’s name and link, though I forgot that the submission was supposed to be anonymous so Catalina (the BSB editor) and I hid her identity.

Read the whole thing over at

6 thoughts on “BSB: the creation myth”

  1. PantheraPardus says:

    First, congratulations, and the flash fiction was excellent. :)

    Second, I'm so jealous…the toybag is superhot. I so want.

  2. Essin' Em says:

    a) Congrats.

    b) My story I thought was obvious it was me…although my readers guessed differently.

    c) I've actually reviewed the FYN toy chest AND the rolling sex trunk, but not that one :) Let me know what you think.

    d) I'm now a sales rep for FYN, so if anyone needs wholesale info, let me know!

  3. Shay says:

    oooh that is quite a fancy toy bag! Congrats, you definitely earned it!! ^_^

  4. tongue-tied says:

    congrats to you!

    you are one helluva writer and so these sorts of thing certainly will only continue to pile up around your place – accolades, i mean. and prizes. woohoo!

  5. alisha says:


    oh man.

    one of my lovers recently told me she wanted to break me like a wild horse.. I told my friend ian & his gf leann and they always make fun of me [in a good way], so I had to read that line to them..

    I’m also particularly fond of the line ““She breaks us like horses,” my friend B whispers loudly after Jackie leaves our table at our usual watering hole.

    ps: know anyone who's going to nolose? []

  6. Lilly says:

    I don't think its much of a contest when your writing is involved…its undeniably hot.

    I hope you take a photo of your case when you have it filled with your goodies…

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