what happened on sexblogs this week (sugasm 143)

This Week’s Picks

  • Anti-Porn Protest Gets Weird: “People get very excited about their causes and lack the sense to see if the information backs them up. ”
  • The Come Shot: “You don’t see their bodies going blotchily red and hear them howling like a banshee.”
  • Third Time’s a Charm: “If I lift my kilt on Bourbon Street I’m much more likely to get arrested than if Elizabeth takes off her top.”
  • Mr. Sugasm Himself: Sugar Bank
  • Editor’s Choice: In My Office

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2 thoughts on “what happened on sexblogs this week (sugasm 143)”

  1. Lolita Wolf says:

    Thanks for mentioning my post as one of your favorites! Mwah!

  2. Andrew H says:

    Whahey! I'm one of your favorites. Thanks. I'm new to this so I need all the attention I can get…

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