Sugarbutch Star 2007 chapbook!

August 14, 2008  |  miscellany

The Sugarbutch Star chapbook is DONE! I picked up the first fifty copies yesterday, and they will be making their debut at the Femme Conference this weekend. I’ll have copies available online soon.

The 2008 contest is officially underway … I received the very first submission already. I’m reading them as they come in, and as much as I want to say that I’ll be impartial and evaluate them all once I get to the end of the submission period, I find myself already getting attached to ideas that people are throwing out there. Submit your stories sooner rather than later, is what I’m saying.

I’m leaving for Chicago for the Femme Conference in a few hours, so posts will be on hold until I get back on Monday.

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  1. ooh! those look lovely! and i'm super excited to see what comes of this new contest.

    hope the femme conference was lovely – waiting to hear all about it =)

  2. this chapbook is so. hot. and beautifully printed. much different having a copy in paper vs. reading it online.

  3. sugarbutch readers, you desperately want yourself a copy of this chapbook. sinclair was sweet enough to hand one off to me at the femme conference and it is the absolute hotness. stuck in chicago traffic on the way to the burlesque performances were made way better by read-aloud-erotica hour!

    trust me, you want this…in bad ways. xo!

  4. Is it still possible to get a copy? I need some new bedtime reading material…

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